Nha Trang - a city of "splendid" food (part 2)

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To continue with part 1, we will discover Nha Trang as a city of "splendid food"

7. grilled chopped fish Nha Trang

Grilled chopped fish Nha Trang is famous for making by delicious fresh fish. Golden fried fish patties, fragrant and still make diners crave. People often use personal connections, mackerel, rural, machete fish, barracuda, flying fish, marlin ...to make this dish but the most delicious fried barracuda flavor, very rare now.

8. Cau Dua duck

Cau Dua duck is famous around, duck is stocking fertile fields, rich in shrimp, crab, fish so fat. Common and most preferred is boiled and roasted duck. Whatever the style processed duck meat here is very tender, lean and there is absolutely no odor characteristic of ducks.
Located on National Highway 1A, 3-4km city center to the south. It is known as a "neighborhood Duck" with closely restaurant serves duck extremely attractive.

9. Jellyfish noodle Nha Trang

This is a signature dish maritime domain, not just the locals favorite that many tourists come here do not forget to enjoy. Especially when the weather starts warming up, jelly is delicious food, supplements, cooling and high thermal properties. Jellyfish noodle dished appeared in many places, but jellyfish noodles Nha Trang from past to present is the most famous. Sea people away from home for a long time, back to Nha Trang jellyfish noodles certain to find, not uptight to the most famous, because of the nature of this noodle dish was tasty the sea - home flavor.

10. Dien Khanh wet cake

Dien Khanh wet cake is a popular dish in Nha Trang. This dish moist cake Dien Khanh Street. But the essence of the city known as the place where there is a path to gather a lot of wet cake sales, the shops are open from 4 am until late at night. Therefore, customers want to be able to use this stuff whenever.
This new hot cakes delicious food, so when a client arrives, the cake coated begin his work available to the boiling water reactors. They only use the coconut shell powder scoop, lightly coated hands are on campus fabric tension on the swing. Cooked time depending on the thickness of the cake. Cooked, rinse the plant will use bamboo pin inserted under the thin cake put on plate picked up, the cake is cut into the tree pinned to a four-wheel drive.
Disks are beautifully presented. On the disc will have a little cake with onion, cotton scrub dried shrimp (or replaced with crushed cooked chickpeas). Disks look like a colorful picture: white cake, pink shrimp, green leaf onions, oil sheen. Enjoy the wet cake with pork ceiling and Dien Khanh is not that great by.

11. Mango cake

Mango cake - just weird sounding name familiar to both. By cake shaped like a cake, but the ingredients just ripe mango and a little sugar along with the skillful hands of man has created a rustic cakes and become the "brand" of the famous Nha Trang.
Khanh Hoa mango in a lot, eat fresh fruits and sales people do not take advantage of all the mango cake, delicious just to be able to last long. Mango cake was unique in that it keeps a long time without the use of any chemical substance by the sour taste of mango and processing based on natural sunlight.
Eating mango cake without further processing or combining eaten raw. Cake tastes sour, sweet and fragrant aroma of mango natural, slightly chewy and distinctive aroma of the burning sun in Nha Trang.


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