Naples, my love!

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Past and present of a wonderful European city that would make an amazing holiday destination.

Naples, my love!

I've read of the times when Naples was under Emperor Carlos The Fith to find out that at that time Naples was a flourishing and important capital with a boomimg economy. Most of their heritage such as churches, monasteries and palaces were built under Carlos The Fith and it's because of this ancient heritage that makes Naples worth a visit besides enjoying its wonderful mediterranean landscape, its delicious gastronimy and its joyous people.
However, there's sometthing that stains this ancient and marvelous city and it is its local mafia that, in fact, it's worse than the Sicilian one, because they are even more violent and criminal ones.
Years ago, photographs showing its streets overflowing with rubish were shown all over the world. How could it be that in an European city with such a brilliant past was invaded by sacks of rubbish piling up in all the streets and greens? The reason is that their local mafia known as “Camorra” is in charge of the rubbish of Naples. It may be collected or it may not. Or, it may just be dumped in fields outside of the city without any care at all. Thus, in farming areas, fruit and vegetables rot before they are ripe enough to be collected, because of the contamination produced by the rubbish. They also get good profit out of the rubbish collection.
Many people are living on the breadlline and 30% of young people are unemployed whose only way to earn something is in the black market or doing jobs for this mafia.
If it weren't for this cancer known as “Camorra”, Naples would make an amazing holiday destination for all that it has to offer to a traveller eager to know and to see all of its monuments that are part of the human heritage as declared by UNESCO, but their tourist industry has dropped by a 60%.
Many people will wonder if such a cancer can be wiped out. It could if the State were not part of such a mafia. They are.
Meanwhile, many people are living on the breadline. 30% of youngsters are condemned to unemployment or to work on what this mafia offers for their own benefit and profit.
This wonderful piece of Europe is land for the arrival of drugs that will also be distributed in the rest of Europe as well as among its local population.
The Vesubio volcano poses a big danger for Naples, but this violent mafia makes it seem a minor one.
And then, they say that Emperors are evil and they have to be overthown!

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