My brilliant holiday in Great Yarmouth

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This is about the wonderful holiday me and my husband just had in Great Yarmouth. We were regulars there many years ago with the children, and we stayed on Seashore Holiday Park with the children.

We have just been back but with out the children this time (I will not say why in this article as it is too personal to publicly display), however many happy memories came back while we were there, and some sad ones too.

Why Great Yarmouth?

Great Yarmouth is the one place where I spent a very special holiday with my mum and my stepdad when I was a child. I enjoyed that holiday so much, I cried because I did not want to come home. Later however I went back with my husband and my children to Seashore Caravan Park, the same park I spent my child hood holiday on. We took the children with us back then, who are now older and still talk about this caravan park and Great Yarmouth with love. I spent my last holiday here too with my stepdad, who sadly passed away a few years ago.

Me and my husband spent our recent holiday here which was a lot of fun and there were tears of joy and sadness. We enjoyed it so much, it was too precious not to write about it.

All pictures used in this article were taken by myself, and no one in these pictures apart from me and my husband can be identified.

Seashore Caravan Park. A whole 'haven' of fun!

Seashore Caravan Park was a whole 'haven of fun!' There is so much to do on this one site, it was very difficult to decide whether or not to go to the 'Mash and Barrel' (the pub on the park), see a show in the complex on the park, walk along the beautiful sandy beaches, enjoy the sea view from the caravan or go to town!

So much goes on here on one site, and the 'fun stars' shows are too tempting to miss. My favourite was a recent musical based on school children and the 'soul, signed and delivered' show. Some of these songs made me cry.

There is a brilliant swimming pool and a 'splash zone' which is good fun for adults and children alike. Me and my family have had some great times using these facilities, but be warned, the bucket that cheekily tips water over you is freezing! The on site fun park is brilliant for children and is very safe. The new climbing wall will prove a challenge for adults and children alike!

He beat me at golf!

We had a fun time playing golf at Pirates Cove in Great Yarmouth. This golf course was brilliantly quirky with a fantastic pirate theme. The holes were in some very awkward places, and there was one where we had to try not to get it in the water, which got you a penalty. I missed the water by about a second!

My other half was amazing and he beat me at this, despite his other issues which should have made it harder. He even got the hard holes which were round the rocks, under logs and in all kinds of very hard places to reach. There are around 17 different courses in this colourful game, which we both really enjoyed very much indeed.

The beach and wind farm

The beaches are lovely in Great Yarmouth. The sea front is often known as the 'golden mile'. Me and my family spent many lovely times walking the entire seafront back to seashore caravan park, which is at the top of the golden mile. The wind farm in the back ground is 'Scroby Sands' wind farm. It generates power and keeps power costs down in Great Yarmouth. There are other places who have similar farms too, so I'm told. There is the 'Scroby Sands Wind Farm' Centre on the front of the sea front which provides much information, and many fun experiments to try which shows how the wind farm works. My children, myself and my other half found this centre very fascinating. It is well worth visiting.

Lots of fun things for the children and adults.

There are lots of fun bouncy castles, and bouncy slides on the seafront and plenty on the pier. A visit to 'Joyland' which is on the pier on the seafront is a great place for little ones, and the 'pleasure beach' at the end of the sea front is great for the older children. I had to include the 'water chute' image because there is a funny story surrounding this.

On a past visit to Great Yarmouth, me, my other half and the children were walking along the sea front. My youngest was in a push chair which I was pushing. Remembering my step dad warning me that I would get wet if I got too close, I warned the older children not to walk too close. However, no sooner had I said that, when I walked straight into it, getting both me and my poor young one drenched. My family thought it was so comical, that, my other half nicely reminded me on this weeks holiday every time we went past!

Shopped till I dropped!

I love Great Yarmouth Town. It is the only place I can find clothes cheap enough to buy and that fit me well! I also have bought lots of lovely affordable clothes here for the children and the home.

The Town is dotted with so many lovely cafes, the 'Hamburger' being my favourite. There are lots of toy shops too, so on past visits, me and the children have spent hours here as the children decided it was more fun to buy toys than go to the beach at times! The shopping arcades are great for bargains, and if you like 'high fashion' then Market Gates is brilliant for that.

I enjoyed the chirpy atmosphere in town when we sat in the hot sun drinking iced coffee outside Costa. The meals in the 'Hamburger' were delicious and well worth paying for too. It was so easy to get back to the sea front, a straight walk up to the pier and we were there.

We in fact, enjoyed it so much, we spent time browsing and looking around without buying. A very tempting thing to do in Great Yarmouth, but we managed it somehow.

Wonderful food

This is my other half enjoying lunch at the 'Mash and Barrel' pub on Seashore. The food here is amazing and tastes wonderful. We had scampi and Chips, and we loved the quirky serving on what looks like a chip board with newspaper and a frying net. At the back of this lovely pub is a little walk way which opens straight onto the beach, the out door seating area here is very colourful with seashells and pirates at the back, and splashzone at the front.

Coffee is great...or maybe ice!

My other half and I had Coffee at one of the many coffee huts on the sea front. You can enjoy a meal, coffee, ice cream, waffles and many lovely things while taking in the lovely sea view at great prices. We sat here for ages and went back several times, we both got sun drenched just sat here!

We had fun

We had so much fun here with golden memories of my step dad, what we did with the children when they were young. The holiday was very active and we came home very fit!

However, this article would not be complete without a picture of the lovely horse and carriages on the sea front. You can enjoy a ride on these, which took me right back to Georgian times. We were going to visit Yesterdays world but it was closed this time. That did not stop us enjoying our holiday though, we had a great time on and off the caravan park.

Seashore and Great Yarmouth are very child friendly, I highly recommend a family visit there, or even a fun filled visit as a couple or with friends. You won't regret it! We are going back soon and we will make regular visits there, because we love it!


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
8th Jun 2015 (#)

I enjoy hearing about all the places people travel to, Yarmouth sounds fantastic. I have never been to the UK.

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author avatar Butterfly38
30th Apr 2016 (#)

It is a wonderful place Mark, for families and adults alike. It was my first best childhood holiday with my stepdad, which is why we took him back there, along with my mum and my brother. My husband really enjoys going there with me.

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