My Italy trip - Day 11.

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My trip to Italy. A close experience with history I had heretofore observed just in picture collections and motion pictures. The landmarks, culture, scenery and food from the immense Colosseum to the spread of Olive trees-that blow one's mind!
Last day in Italy on this trip. Monuments in Rome.

Mouth of truth

The Globus visit finished yesterday and we were on our own in Rome. We rose late and had a nice breakfast. We took the Holiday Inn Shuttle to the city. As far back as I had seen Audrey Hepburn, in the great motion picture "Roman Holiday", I had nursed a great desire to put my hand in the "Mouth of Truth", as she did in that film. So I made sure to obtain detailed instructions from the hotel concierge as to how to get to that location. He had a sense of humor and asked me if I wanted my husband to do that, and very helpfully added that if anything were to happen, the hospital was nearby!
There was a long line, with similar minded people wanting to do the same. We stood in line for a while and I was finally able to put my hand in the Lion’s mouth. It was a thrilling moment!

Monuments and pigeons.

We then strolled around; saw the Capital, Ministry of Heritage, and different structures. The boulevards are brimming with pigeons, which appear to gather in specific areas. Doubtlessly, being driven by their olfactory sense, for those are the zones where street vendors sell bird food. I fed a lot of pigeons. It is for sure a win, win, win situation. The tourists get a considerable measure of fun and unwind while bolstering pigeons, the pigeons get nourishment, and the vendors make a living!

Spanish steps

We strolled up to the well known "Spanish Steps", encompassed on all sides by costly shops, from Prada to Versace. It was a long and exhausting walk, however it is stunning to see such a variety of expensive brand name stores, all in succession.
On the way we ran into one of the couples on our Globus tour. We were thrilled to see each other and hugged. Later on I mused about human emotions, which are as intense as they are fragile. A week prior to that, we did not even know the existence of each other. A week later, we may not recollect each other with such intensity. But, at that moment, walking around in a strange country, and meeting someone we knew, felt incredible! Maybe that is what our Hindu philosophy says about the Atma and Sharira! ( Soul and body)But, let me not get carried away on that.

Arrivederci italy

We strolled around some more, ate, had our last taste of Italian Gelatos and made it back to the Roman Forum, from where we took the Shuttle back to Holiday Inn. Later on, we packed up to leave for Athens, Greece the following day.
So, with that, I can check off yet another item on my Bucket List. Visit Italy! It is a standout amongst the many places that I have visited. The land, nature, culture, food, art, architecture, and above all its history, which is still in motion is awesome.
As I bid farewell to Italy, I could understand the passion behind this quote by the famous Italian Opera composer. He said to the world, “You may have the Universe, if I may have Italy” – Giuseppe Verdi.
Arrivederci Italy!


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