My Italy trip - Day 10

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My trip to Italy. A close experience with history I had heretofore observed just in picture collections and motion pictures. The landmarks, culture, scenery and food from the immense Colosseum to the spread of Olive trees-that blow one's mind!
Last day of Globus Bus tour in Rome.

Capri - Sorrento

We left Capri in the morning. We were the last ones out and the tour director was hurrying us up so as not to miss the big boat. We came down the Funicular and went to the boat. Next stop was the Sorrento Island, which is like Capri. Globus took us to a store where they demonstrated how they do Inlay work on wood. It was fascinating to watch such a delicate art performed with seemingly effortless ease. Years of practice are the tools behind it. After that we had some free time to walk around the quaint city of Sorrento where I bought some more magnets. I have been collecting a lot of magnets on this trip.

Sorrento to Positano

From Sorrento we headed to Positano , along the Amalfi Coast. This is a standout amongst the most captivating highways, a perfect beautiful drive, which took us amongst hill and water. The Italians have amusing names for the rocks in the sea. One of them is a composite of two huge bulbous rocks, with smaller rocks above and long rocks below in various shapes and sizes. From a distance it looks like “Sophia Loren sunbathing”. Go figure! If I thought the roads in Capri were narrow, these were narrower, and winding, and steep! The drivers are truly skilled. Positano is a little touristy town, with lots of shops, restaurants, recreational sports, and pebble beach and of course a church. We walked around the streets; admiring gorgeous scenic views of the sea .We had sandwiches for lunch and back to the bus, headed to Rome. Along the way, heading back up North to Rome, we had the view of the Apennine mountain range.

Back to Rome.

We reached Rome in the evening. This time, we were lodged at the Holiday Inn, closer to the airport. It was so nice to see a hotel room similar to the ones in US, since Holiday Inn is US based. We had coffee makers in the room, something not common in European hotels. We had just enough time to get dressed and head out for our “Farewell dinner”. The tour director Aida, had already given her farewell speech in the bus. She seemed to put so much emotion into her speech. But then, I wondered, this is what she does every other week. It reminded me of an old movie, featuring tourists on a trip. The movie was “ If it is Tuesday, this must be Belgium". It was about tourists from America touring all over Europe in a couple of weeks!

Farewell dinner and an Opera.

The Farewell dinner was at a tasteful eatery, where they also staged Opera singing. It was a treat to be exposed to live Opera. While in transit to the dinner, we encountered heavy traffic due to a Soccer Game. Soccer furor in Europe, Football fever in America, Cricket craze in India, they are all the same! The crowds heading to the stadium were huge. Cars were parked everywhere, blocking other cars, on the median, where ever they could find some space.
After the show and supper, we came back to the lodging and said our farewells to each other. The vast majority is leaving tomorrow, but we are remaining one more day at the same hotel.


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