My Horse Year Camping Trip: Bad Luck? Or Good Love?

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Throwing laughter to frustration, we said to one another “Thank goodness we made it back safely!”


Thrilled to consent on the idea of camping in Shidu, a township tourist destination, 100 kilo meters away outskirt of Beijing, I and my husband finally moved to the schedule in preparation of barbecue along Juma River, an activity to hope for a piece of tranquility and of less-smog air. Travelling is not a new word in our marriage, for when having time-off, we always try to be on the move to see new places across China where my hometown is and many dream places of mine haven’t moved up to the agenda of my field trip yet. With no possession and attention of driving, nor did hitchhiking fit our style, we, a backpacking couple, piled up more than 10 kilo grams camping and barbecue materials as well as perky enthusiasm, marched out our door, and excitedly embraced the journey.


Well, reality is a bummer this time, starting from the route choice of day one. Miscalculated the distance, we had to walk more than half an hour to reach the main bus station where the bus 917, the bus line is supposed to take us to the destination, is. “This is not so bad.” You may say. Let me continue the story. When arrived at the bus station—by efforts of fast walking not less than Marathon runners in their first lap, thanks to the weight load—people on duty there pointed us to a different bus line which fell out our transportation plan. Confusedly but miraculously, we found the right vehicle a minute before its departure. Clearly, heavy traffic in wake of holiday slowed us down. Nearly four-hours-squeezing in a limited sitting space of the bus tested hard on our patience, but finally we made it where we planned to set the tent around 6 hours after hefting backpacks to shoulders for the first round.

It still sounds a not-bad-trip to you? Hear me out more. The island scenic spot along the river, boasting a cozy and safe camping spot with first aid service and fun activities around, turned out to be an empty open space with no sight of any facility. Puzzled and frustrated by another 30-minutes-walk with loaded backpacks, our spirit was kindled somehow by an aged lady who came to us, asked money to pay the entrance tickets to the open space where you may be able to see in the snapshot, and confirmed the possibility of sleep-over camping. As soon as we paid her with a sum seems a rip-off and were allowed to cross the shaggy bridge, one I believe I saw it million times in juggle adventurous movies, sand storm came to whip our faces and half-set tent along the river, plummeting our spirit and enthusiasm straight down to zero.

Eventually, we found a hostel room to shelter the night, and headed back to the city first thing in the morning next day. Well, in hand of continuous stronger wind, bad luck seems to stick to our footsteps all the way back. The kitchen material was considered as a safety threat to public by the scanner of subway entrance. The custody of a pair of fruit knives in our backpack was taken away, as consequence.


Are we tired and frustrated about this trip? Yes. But as soon as we unpacked everything, finished stuffing some decent food in our stomach, and rested on jokes my husband made, I came to realize we did not have a fight at all during the whole event. What I recall now is two problem solvers who tried hard to make the best of the situation, even if the situation goes against us. I smiled, by the end of event, with a piece of tranquility in mind, and marveled on how we have come to a united team where team player supports one another. Is not this a good love in life or what? I feel more confident to our marriage at this moment, for problem-free life does not exist; if always surviving adversities together and being able to confront difficulties as a team, we can almost imagine on how sweet fruits our marriage can blossom in life. Then, again, my spirit bounces back!


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