Mountain Gazing in Alaska

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The different images and colors of the mountains of Alaska. The mountains often change colors and moods throughout the day. I tried to capture the changes in this story.

Pink Mountains in Winter

Here in Anchorage we are surrounded by mountains. Somehow, it has become my habit to check out the mountains everyday. First thing in the morning they greet me. I walk out onto my porch and turn my gaze towards the mountains to see how they're looking that day. I'm never disappointed. They are every changing and never boring. Sometimes they look sad and all gray. Other times you can tell they are feeling glorious. I never tire of seeing these "friends". They are part of what make Alaska so very beautiful. Probably one of the most beautiful look the mountains have is when they turn pink at sunset.

The Gray Blue Mountains

There are times of the day, usually just before sunrise, when the mountains are a grayish blue. It's almost as if they are waking up, getting ready to greet the world and show off all their beauty.

The Gray Mountains of Winter

It happens a lot in Winter when the mountains are only colored shades of gray. They are cold and forbidding. As if they are telling me to keep my distance.

The Defiant Mountains

This is probably one of my favorite images of the mountains. It happens most in the Fall. The clouds threaten to overtake the mountains but instead the peaks are standing proudly above the clouds, which are relegated to the base. It is one last act of defiance before Winter overtakes the peaks.


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We moved to Alaska 5 years ago and I am in love with this state. It has so many beautiful things to see and fun things to do. Hope you enjoy reading about Alaska.

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