Mombasa: A Tropical Beach Destination

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Having recently returned to Mombasa the experience has caused me to reflect on some of the past times that I visited the city and had time to relax and enjoy. Mombasa is known for its white sand beaches.


Mombasa's beaches are blessed with fine white sands and clear waters which it is good to take a relaxing beach stroll; yet you should beware the tropical sun which beats down from directly above your head and for those of us from less tropical parts of the globe we must take precautions and lotion up.

The beaches are situated to the north and south of the city, with the most popular being along the south coast near Diani or to the north at Bamburi beach. There are a large number of hotels located on Diani Beach, about 20 miles south of Mombasa city.

One thing that seems typical with African resorts is the preponderance of peddlers, they want to sell you everything from a small trinket to a boat trip. If you are there just to relax and take a swim then be firm with them and tell them NO. I have thought is wise to take no money, leave it in your hotel room and not in the car. Telling peddlers that you do not wish to purchase anything from them is never problematic, just be firm, but polite they will back off.

Bamburi Beach

One of my favourite beaches in the whole world is located at Bamburi, just on the northern edge of the city. It is set back from the road, but there is a public entrance, located opposite the Bamburi Cement works.

One of the important aspects of Bamburi beach is how far it is possible to swim out, yet simply stand up in the water - particularly at low tide. The picture above is of the beach at Bamburi, which is a relaxing place to be. Glass bottomed boats ply their trade here and it is possible to see the sea life from these boats very well. The cost is inexpensive.

Crystal Clear Waters

The clarity of the sea water on these beaches is truly a wonder. As a person from England who frequented many an English beach during my childhood all I can say is that the fond memories as a child pale in comparison to tropical beaches. In reality those beached of my childhood had murky brown waters, sure we enjoyed those trips, but they are nothing compared to tropical waters.

Mombasa, The Centre of your Tropical Vacation

This city is the centre of coastal tourism in Kenya you will set out from here on a variety of safaris to many of the national parks that are on the eastern side of the country. Also Mombasa has a diverse economy based on trade and commerce, tourism and manufacturing and is currently doing very well. The multitude of city markets provide good quality vegetables, fruits, fish, and meats. The city has an abundant supply of water, In part this is because it is situated on the coast, yet you should also remember the entire coastal region has good grade farmland as can be seen by driving out into the countryside. The majority of local hotels are set amongst lush tropical gardens and give a pleasant aspect to any stay in the city.

When staying it is best to seek accommodation where rooms are air-conditioned and have private bathrooms. The city has everything from the most luxurious villas to very basic and inexpensive hotel rooms.

Most hotels will be able to provide visitors with details of excursion options. This writer has traveled extensively up the north coast visiting many points of interests along the road to Malindi, in particular the Gedi ruins, the ruins of a once prosperous town, that collapsed during the later part of the 17th century. Mombasa contains a mix of cultures with many Christian churches, Islamic mosques, Hindu and Sikh temples. Many beliefs are respected here although it is predominantly a Muslim city. The first time this writer visited the city it was a free and open city, today Muslims, particularly the women are to be seen more vividly by the adoption of the black hijaab, not a positive step. The truth is that most women remove the hijaab as soon as they arrive home, even when there are strangers present.


Many people come to Kenya to see wild animals in their natural habitat. Over the years I have had some wonderful trips, and having a private safari organised by my brother in law ranks up there amoungst the best. He has always been a part of the safari industry and enjoys taking parties to see the wildlife all year round. With Safari's you should find a good local company with knowledgeable drivers to take you. Sometimes the best trips are booked at the last minute rather than trough a western travel agent having minimal local knowledge.

One of my proudest moments on safari was to find a Cheetah with a kill and take a picture as it moved of the the safety of the bush.

Much to Offer, Much to Enjoy

Mombasa is known for its typical rhythms, particularly in the marketplaces, which are still the dominant means of shopping. They are well known among travelers as a place to buy traditional Kenyan clothing and crafts, yet it should be remembered that the traditions in this coastal region differ from that in the rest of Kenya with its mix of African and Arab culture as sometimes does the weather. Mombasa is hot all year round but Niarobi has cooler periods.

The visitor should enjoy the variety from this city. It is important to send friends a photo of yourself in-front of the giant tusks that are to be found along Moi Avenue, this is perhaps the most recognisable part of the city.

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author avatar Denise O
29th Nov 2011 (#)

I have yet to have had the pleasure to visit Mombasa. it sounds and looks just lovely. Congrats on the star page, it is well deserved. Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Anisha Achankunju (Aiyanna)
29th Nov 2011 (#)

My uncle was an aeronautical engineer stationed in Mombasa soon after he got married.
Family used to drive up from Kampala through the Mobira Forest to come out there. Think you should highlight the HIStory of the Mobira Forest, it was a dreaded place and the drive had to be finished during the day.

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author avatar M G Singh
29th Nov 2011 (#)

Never been to Mombasa, but you have created a wonderful page and I will certainly make a visit. Thanks

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
29th Nov 2011 (#)

You make it sound very inviting. Congratulations on a well deserved star page, Peter.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
29th Nov 2011 (#)

Great travel guide for Mombasa, the camel on the beach looks so relaxed.

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author avatar Ivyevelyn, R.S.A.
4th Dec 2011 (#)

Thanks, Peter. Great report and pictures of a wonderful place.

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author avatar Bridgitte Williams
9th Dec 2011 (#)

Fabulous article! :-) In the USA, Panama city beach is blessed with white sugar sand beach, as is Cape San Blas, in Florida, not too far away from Mexico beach FL. My fav beaches in the USA! :-)
Although, they do not have

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author avatar Car hire
20th Jan 2012 (#)

Mombasa is the second largest city of the Kenya.One thing is so special about the mombasa beaches is that the sand over there is very white and water is so clean.We can enjoy a lot of water sport there as well.

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