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The Menomonee Valley is located in Milwaukee, WI. There are lots of things the Valley has lots to offer. The Valley has lots of history and waiting for you to come to check it out.


The Menomonee Valley once used to be all swamp land that grw abundant of wild rice in the marshland along the shores of the river. The Menomonee (also spelled Menominee) Indians had named it for it's "good seed". The wetlands provided the Native Indians with the staples of life and allowed access further inland. An Archaeologist later identified that there was five settlements along the valley rim.

Jacques Vieau who was employed by the North West Company has built the first permanent trading post in 1795. Vieau built his cabin on top of a bluff overlooking the Menomonee Valley in what is now Mitchell Park. Soloman Juneau joined Vieau in 1818. Juneau later was one of the three who started a settlement that latter incorpated in to the City of Milwaukee.

Reshaping of the valley began with the railroads built by city co-founder Byron Kilbourn to bring product from Wisconsin's farm interior to the port. By 1862 Milwaukee was the largest shipper of wheat on the planet, and related industry developed. Grain elevators were built and, due to Milwaukee's dominant German immigrant population, breweries sprang up around the processing of barley and hops. A number of tanneries were constructed, of which the Pfister & Vogel tannery grew to become the largest in America.

Flour mills, packing plants, breweries, railways and tanneries further industrialized the valley. With the marshlands drained and the Kinnickinnic and Milwaukee Rivers dredged, attention turned to the valley. In 1869 an initiative was undertaken to channelize the Menomonee River and build a series of ship canals, among which Holtons Canal, the South Menomonee Canal and Burnham Canal are still in use today.

Now the valley is starting to revitalized after years disappearing businesses and land deteriorating. Menomonee Valley Partners, Inc since 1999. has served as the lead agency in the redevelopment of Milwaukee’s Menomonee Valley. In one decade, the Valley has been transformed, becoming a national model in economic development and environmental sustainability.

The Valley Now

The Menomonee Valley is one the premier destinations with everything that has gone on in the past ten to fifteen years. The Valley offers recreation, Businesses in the valley has open up their doors for tours, entertainment and different annual events.


For recreation you have the Hank Aaron State Trail that travels through the Valley, you can go canoeing and kayaking, you can go fishing.


You go through and visit the Harley- Davidson Museum and go through the Mitchell Park Domes and walk through the park itself. You can go see a baseball game at Miller Park or see what is going on at Marquette Valley Fields. Or you can go try your luck at Potawatomi Bingo Casino. Or you might want to walk through the valley to some public art that might be on display around the valley.


Some of local businesses that are down there has opened their doors to tours like Miller Park and Palermo Villa. There is tour of the Valley presented by Keep Greater Milwaukee Beautiful and a quarterly walking tour with Menomonee Valley Partners.

Annual Events

In the Valley there is annual events that go on there. A few of the things that goes on there for events is as follows: Bike to Work Week, Milwaukee Brewers Season, Fishing Season and the annual Hank Aaron State Trail 5K Run/ Walk.

Visit The Menomonee Valley

Everyone should come here to checkout the Valley to experience the Valley first hand. Ranging from all the nature that it offers to visiting the businesses that are here to entertainment that provides.

Menomonee Valley Video

Here is a video about he Menomonee Valley. It talks about the past, present and the future of the valley. I hope that you enjoy the video.

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