Man made floating islands

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A tribe related to south American in Peru have made living with comfortably on lake Titicaca with local reeds available in that place

Lake Titicaca

The folks of Uros, a modest South American tribe in Peru, have made living courses of action for themselves that are so interesting, they’re not discovered wherever else in the planet. The aforementioned folks live the majority of their lives on man-made skimming islands? The islands were made on Lake Titicaca in Peru, for the assurance opposite other stronger tribes. The pond is the greatest by volume in South America, and gives adequate security independent from anyone else since it is altogether secluded and placed around 3000 m above sea level.

moldable material

In any case the Uros individuals were evidently not fulfilled with the assurance of the bay apart from everyone else. They headed off above and beyond to guarantee their wellbeing, making exceptional utilization of the reeds that develop in richness along the banks of the bay. The reeds turned out to be a moldable material, so they were dried out, clustered and molded into pontoons that buoy so great. This common material moreover made it plausible for the aged Uros to make an arrangement of coasting houses that might be swiftly moved far from the terrain if there should be an occurrence of any crisis, called the tortora islands. Today, about a large part of the inhabitants present of the Uros around 500 people), still want to exist in this age-old way. Obviously, they’ve remodeled their drifting islands to incorporate some up to date enhancements simultaneously.

reed leaves

The Uros individuals make their tortora reed islands with incredible forethought. The reeds are intertwined to make ‘roots' that have a thick layer about 2m thick, on top of which the island is improved. To give dock, imposing logs are bored with the island to the base of the pond. The ropes connected to the aforementioned logs give soundness to the island. In any case the islanders' work is far from done after an island has been developed, for the reason that the reed leaves decay regularly, so they need to be displaced with new ones oftentimes. This is finished around four times a year for every island. Anyway the gliding structure itself has an extremely long essence – every one can keep going for up to 3 decades. Bay Titicaca is home to forty humble islands, and a substantial centermost one which functions as the focal purpose of the tribal group.


The reeds give not only haven to the Uros individuals, however an origin of vocation besides. You might state that in numerous ways it has been the establishment of this exceptional neighborhood for quite some time. Iodine is transformed from the reeds and sold. They are moreover utilized for general medicinal purposes – when wrapped around a terrible part of the figure, the ache is declared to essentially vanish – and the blossoms of the reeds are in addition used to mix java. The Uros individuals speak for a close-immaculate group that has studied to exist in extraordinary agreement with their surroundings. At the same time sadly, such as all other remarkable societies in the planet, they are under risk from digestion. They are stated to have lost their particular dialect a large part of a century back and now talk Aymara – the dialect of the terrain tribes. The later landing of the Europeans has likewise managed a tremendous slam on their social personality, in light of the fact that the Uros needed to pay charges and surrender a considerable lot of their folks as slaves.

Radio station

Yet in spite of each of the battles they have been with over the years, the Uros are still thriving today, granted that in minor numbers. They have effectively took in a couple parts of European public order that suit their ways. Sun powered boards instated on the reed homes serve to run electronic machines for example TV sets. The greatest island likewise has a radio station that telecasts for some hours throughout the day. They have a couple of schools that give instruction for kids. The studying is exceptionally universal however, in a try to save the society of the Uros. Provided that there's one thing this tribe does not have on their reed islands and in their reed homes, it is the current cooker. For plain explanations, they can't utilize an open fire to cook sustenance. So they utilize their particular conventional models – with stones heaped sufficiently high to make a fiery breakout on top, without the hotness being excessively solid to achieve the takes off. An exceptionally humble island close to the greater ones serves the motivation behind revisiting to nature's calls. The reeds are amazing at engrossing the waste, which makes amazing compost for the following sound crop.


Tourism is one of the major origins of livelihood for the Uros. A vast number of inquisitive guests run to the aforementioned islands every year, to watch the special lifestyle. A few families have exceptionally designated visitor rooms in their homes to oblige the vacationers. They likewise perform an unique move every night, swaying the guests to spruce up and unite in. Bay Titicaca surely does sound like must-visit goal, for who might oppose the interaction of using a night on a drifting island?


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