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Malinithan Where history and mythology meets together.

located at Likhabali, Aurnachal Pradesh, India.

Malinithan a Rare Place to Visit in India

Rukmini, the daughter of King Bhismaka, deeply in love with Lord Krishna sent for him to evade an unwanted marriage with Shishupal. Krishna responded to the call of his beloved and carried her away to Dwaraka. On the way they were welcomed by Devi Parvati with a special wreath. The stringing of the garland was so unique, that overwhelmed Krishna called Devi Parvati as "Sucharu Malini", or a lady who strings garlands beautifully -hence from Malini, the temple derived its name as Malinithan.

Malinithan is an archaeologist's delight. This site was discovered in a series of excavations in the period of 1968 to '1971. The shovel digging into the ground threw up a temple that is in an advanced state of deterioration. The temple is not the only building that was found. There are a series of smaller temples and shrines. This temple is constructed on the model of the temples in Orissa. Along with the temples and deities several ancient scriptures were also unearthed.

The carvings on the walls of the temples are intricate, detailed and beautiful. here are several motifs of these carvings. They range from ancient deities, flora and fauna, and exquisitely decorated basements and columns. Geology experts have pitched the date of the granite to belong to the 14th or 15th century. Some famous motifs are the huge bull of Lord Shiva, Nandi; the Sun God on his chariot and Lord lndra (King of the Gods or King of the Heven/Swarg) on his elephant, Airabat.

The excavation site at Malinithan was on a 60m high mound. It is believed that it was a great cultural and religious centre during the medieval time. Perhaps, during the past, a tributary of river Brahmaputra was flowing by its side which is now represented only by a gully that collects water during monsoon. From an Asamese (Local Dialect of Assam, India) script it can be supposed that this temple was constructed in the 8th century A.D. But the affinity of the sculptures and carvings indicate it to be of the Pala reign (990-1 138 A.D.). The relics of Malinithan give definite evidence of contact and understanding among the architects, sculptors and masons who came to Arunachal and Assam from neighboring states in that period. lt is indeed, a monument of great synthesis of cultures that took place in India through the ages.

The ancient literature has citation of two types of architecture asmamayji or stone, and ama or mud bricks. The construction material of the Malinithan temples with all their sculptures and pillars belong to the former type. ln this respect they differ in construction from all other parts of Assam, where brick construction was prevalent in those days. Tertiary sandstone quarried from the upper hilly for the temple and also for sculptural work. The stone areas, a little away from Malinithan was used as masonry blocks were fixed by dowels and iron clamps without using any mortar. Since the discovery of the temple, Malinithan began to be prominent on the pilgrim's map. Tourists all over the world showed interest in this area. This temple holds great significance due to which devotees from different corners come in large numbers every year. The devotees come to pray for their wish and even offer their gifts to the Goddess after the fulfillment of their wish. Just 12 km away from Malinithan, there is the Akashiganga Temple. lt is believed to be associated with the legend of goddess Parvati narrated in The 8th century Kalika Purana (A hindu Sacred Book). It has been said that Lord Shankar was moving around all over universe with the dead body of Parvati (Sati). With the intension to take him out of attachment for the dead body Lord Vishnu using his 'Sudarshan Chakra' cut the body of Sati into pieces. During this incident it is said that all the pieces of the body of sati fell in different parts of the earth and one of the body pieces fell in the area which is 12-km from Malinithan in West Siang District. So this place is called Akashi Ganga and is very popular as a sacred place. Apart from religious background with temples and relics Malinithan is also visited by lots to trek and hike as there is a suitable trail nearby.

Located at the foot of Siang Hills, the site of Malinithan is just 1km away from the town of Likabali in the West Siang district of Arunachal. lt is well connected with rail and road, the nearest railway station being Silapathar. Buses ply to Malinithan from here. The nearest airport from Malinithan is Leelabari or Dibrugarh in Assam. A helipad is also situated at Along. Buses to Malinithan are available from here. Visitors can stay in the Circuit House at Likabali.


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