Malia: Teenage Dream or Favourite Worst Nightmare?

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Advice for young people before they go on their clubbing holiday- by someone who's been there!

5 girls in need of: a week in the sun, clubs, eye candy and a beach. How hard can it be?

5 girls in need of: a week in the sun, clubs, eye candy and a beach. How hard can it be?

Turns out pretty hard, at least when there’s a tight budget to consider! After hours of searching for a bargain online we decided on a little 2 star hotel in Malia called Happy Days, (after all, who needs luxury when you plan to spend the whole night on the strip and the whole day recovering on the beach?).

And happy days they were until we started reading the reviews… The staff would steal from the safe, chuck you out if you came back noisily, overcharge you for everything, to name a few! So the worry set in. We’re worriers as it is, so came up with a few ‘precautions‘, some of which I would recommend, some of which I would not! We started by tackling the safe-stealing issue- with a portable safe! Perfect idea, attach the safe to a secure place in the room, keep passports and money inside and that way the only person with the combination is you- Fab! (In theory…). Another of our ideas was ‘the hand signal’. If a member of the group was separated they would simply raise their hand high in the air, the others would look for it and be re-united- perfect!

Reality: The first test of ‘the hand signal’ was in the airport when 2 of us got separated from the group; we unashamedly walked round the airport, hands reaching for the sky, looking like a pair of idiots when someone came up to us and asked what on earth we were doing. After explaining he told us a group of three equally insane girls were doing the same thing and just walked into the WHSmith on the corner- Absolute success! (The bright pink ‘MALIA’ tees could also have been a help.)

The test for the safe didn’t go quite so smoothly. Day 1: Safe attached to bottom of bed, worked perfectly. Day 2: After using the same number combination it wouldn’t open. 1 hour later: Still wouldn’t open. Absolute panic. So we put our brains into gear, calmed down and made creative use of what we had to hand (suddenly I was a saviour and not a loser for taking my screwdrivers on holiday with me). 3 hours, a pair of nail scissors and an extremely blistered hand later- success! Stressful, exhausting success! But no, I would not recommend!

7 days later we returned with exhausted minds, bodies and souls, a hell of a lot of photos and killer tans, but would I recommend? It all depends on what you want. Personally, I loved it. We took a risk with the hotel- it paid off, the people there were lovely and the reviewers had got it, in my opinion, wrong. The beach was full of overweight English people, going to sleep any earlier than 7am was unheard of and you’ll never be able to look at a fishbowl the same way again, but as long as you bare this in mind, go for it!
I just have three pieces of advice:

- leave your pride in England- the hand signal works wonders!
- try and find a balance between taking precautions and enjoying yourself
- finally, you are NOT a loser for bringing screwdrivers!


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