Maldives Travel Guide

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In Sanskrit Maldives means “Young” – a garland of islands. You will experience clean, sky-blue waters, soft and gently enveloping the islets, which maps out its location fantastic garland. This complete guide will help you about Maldives.

Maldives Travel Guide

Maldives – The island’s coral reef, located near the equator, south of India. 1190 islands form an archipelago consisting of 26 atolls. If you look down on them, then at the bottom instead of the conventional island as a map, you will see stunning picture: clean, sky-blue waters, soft and gently enveloping the islets, which maps out its location fantastic garland. In the center of this beautiful island of Male is located, which is the official capital of the Maldives.

The name of the Maldives may derived from the Sanskrit "Young" a garland of islands. Once the islands were at the intersection of two trade routes (Eastern and Western). Therefore, in the 19th century, some travelers and traders spoke of cowrie shells, which were then used here as the money, now they are depicted on the national currency Rufio (1 dollar equals about 12 rufiyam).

The official language of the Maldives is Dhivehi, which belongs to the Indo-Aryan branch of languages and has an amazing similarity with the Arab. He has his own writing Maat. But you need not worry and to enroll Dhivehi. In tourist centers, you will speak English.

The dress code in the Maldives tour should be closed, nudism and topless in 1153 King Calamina, ruled at that time, the Maldives, adopted Islam. Today, the main religion is Islam remained the same, and it is worth bearing in mind each visitor.

In order to earn a fine, or they simply do not thunder in jail, MirSovetov recommends to follow certain rules of stay in the Maldives. For example, drinking alcoholic beverages outside the resort is strictly prohibited. On the territory of the resort you can walk to anything (not topless). If you want to walk in the Maldives outside the hotel, will have to dress in accordance with some local mores. It is suitable long skirts and pants made from natural fabrics, together with a shirt or blouse. Women would advise not too denude their tanned body, and men in the torso, because the local population is unlikely to have relished. Also, it is desirable to avoid any contact with local women (and there is little if anything). Nudism and topless in the Maldives is strictly prohibited, even the resort area will not save.

Do not damage, break, injure, and generally encroach on pristine purity and naturalness of flora and fauna of the Maldives tour packages. For example, for a broken-off piece of coral (not important, he was alive or dead), you mighty sick, and you are very lucky if you get off with just fine. Also under state protection are shells, fish and other living creatures of the Territories. Fishing and spearfishing also banned, but enthusiastic proponents will be severely punished for violation of this rule. Usually the fine is about $ 500. For those who like to fish caring hotel administration organizes the morning and evening fishing away from the shores of the Maldives.

We would also like to note that there are no pharmacies, so you do not need medication to take with you. Of course, the hotel has a pharmacy, but there are very high prices. And about the prices: it is desirable to bring more money in reserve because all the prices in the Maldives is not low.

Best weather for the rest of the Maldives from December to March the best time for holiday in the Maldives is between December and March. At this time, the Maldives dry season (Iruvan). The average temperature here all year about the same 30 C. But at night it can drop to 25 C, so if you are an amateur night walks do not forget to bring a light jacket.

Significant differences in weather in the Maldives is not seen, so that you can come here on vacation in any season. But it is worth noting that the Maldives has one more season (only two of them) wet, it is also called Hulangu. It lasts from April to December. At this time the south-west monsoon brings strong winds and torrential rains. But the generous tropical sun dries everything very quickly, so that the rest of the Maldives is unlikely to interfere.

I am confident that Maldives will amaze you with its calm and almost untouched nature. Clean, warm water lapped, smiling, bright sun and enjoy will be your faithful companions in the Maldives.

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