Let's Go to Bolivia

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you will love Bolivia! It's a great country! Find here more about Bolivia!

Let's Go to Bolivia

The first reaction of people when I said I was going to Bolivia made me the following question: "Bolivia? What to do in Bolivia? ". I went there because it's exotic, inexpensive, has stunning scenery, safe, it gives to meet snow and the Andes Cordillera spending too little, there are ruins of ancient civilizations, and has plenty to do there such as adventure sports and trekking.
People usually find that there is nothing interesting there and that is a dangerous country for being poor, but actually has a lot of to see and is a safe country. And best of all, there is plenty to do near the capital La Paz without traveling long distances. La Paz is at 3,600 meters, surrounded by several snowy mountains of the Andes Cordillera, and because of that it's cold all year.
What can you do in Bolivia? First, Bolivia is inserted in a region that was inhabited by various civilizations that existed before Europeans arrived in South America. These civilizations have left impressive ruins, and one of these, very close to La Paz is the archaeological complex of Tiahuanaco.
Another thing there is to see if there is the snow. There are several snowy mountains of the Andes near La Paz. Better known for being the easiest access is known as the mountain Chacaltaya. If you want to know a glacier and climb an ice wall, you can go up the Huayna Potosí.
Knowing the La Paz itself is pretty cool. Go to Plaza Murillo, Sagarnaga Street, Miraflores, Mercado de las Brujas, Calle Jaen and several other places in town.
Leaving La Paz, there is the town of Copacabana on the shore of Lake Titicaca, which is a lake that is about 3400 meters above sea level, surrounded by the Andes, quite extensive so that a part of the lake belongs to Peru. There are ruins of the Inca civilization at this lake on the island of Sun (Isla del Sol). But in fact, the hottest and known in Bolivia tour is the salt desert known as Salar de Uyuni. It's not exactly close to La Paz, is a few hours by bus.
One of the questions I get asked is about the safety of traveling in Bolivia for being a poor country. Talking to the Bolivians, they said that are rare cases of armed robbery, but of course, do not depart from your personal belongings because the occasion makes the thief.

Another thing about Bolivia is its "exoticism" in relation to people and Andean culture. The majority of the population is of Indian origin, but unlike our naked Indians who automatically associate when we think of Indians (nothing against being naked). The way they dress to me is very exotic, very colorful. And the cool part is that they wear every day because they are so that way it is not staged for tourists, they are authentic. And it's rarity.
Another advantage is cost. Travel there is ridiculously cheap and I can speak without fear is one of the cheapest places to travel in South America.
Well, not everything is perfect. For those traveling there, it is good to deal with unforeseen and not stressing about it. How is a poor country, there are ugly parts, but they are not exactly in the middle of La Paz. Bolivia Do not expect luxury, drives or shopping centers, "chic" places and stuff like that. If you like places like that, do not go there.


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