Lake Mead in Las Vegas review

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This is on Lake Mead Las Vegas. If you love the beach, then you have to discover Las Vegas Lake mead or Lake las vegas, a treasure to be found.

Lake Mead

If you will be in Las Vegas and looking for some aqua fun then you can visit Lake Mead in Boulder City. This is one of the best things about Las Vegas when it comes to outdoor fun for you and your family. I was lucky to know about this lake and I went there many times with my family. I came from CA, beach city so this is a must for me.

It's only about half an hour away from my house on the 215 East freeway so fun is always near for me. I would go here and live here everyday if I could. I plan on retiring near this place so I could go swimming there every day. It's one of the most beautiful lake I've ever laid my eyes on. The mountains surrounds it makes it very different and unique. You don't really see lakes like this in CA, you see beaches but no mountain so the mountain at this lake is what makes it so appealing.

There are many things that you could do here with your family. You can bring your boats out there, your kayak, your surf board, your pets, or you can rent a boat on go on the Lake Mead ferries cruise. There is something for everyone. If you bring in your own boat or jet ski, you will have to pay an additional fees along with your vehicle fee per entry. The ticket that you paid for is good for one week so you can come back in one week for free so this is neat if you live around there.

Lake Mead

It's pretty safe here since there are lake police station right above the lake, just a few minutes away where you can get help. I haven't heard of a lot of crimes except some personal theft and people died from drowning themselves out there in the deep front end but if you stay near the sand, it's very safe. The water is very shallow and you can go out as far as several hundred feet and still not be lost in the water. This is what I like about it, it's safe to swim or lay out on your doodles. It's also very safe for kids so this is an ideal place to bring your kids out for fun.

You are allowed to drive your car all the way down to the sand and park next to it. There are restrooms out there for you to change. It's very clean. The whole lake is clean. It's convenient. There are only about fifty people there on the weekdays but so much more on the weekends. I prefer the weekdays so there is some space for me to swim. If I go on the weekends there are too many people.

I always feel like I'm going on a big vacation whenever I'm driving to this lake. It gets me excited every single time. I love the pure blue water view. I can lay out in the sun for the entire day. It relaxes me and I feel refresh when I'm ready to go home. It's a place for me to get away from home and work. If you like a quiet stay for a vacation then this is the ideal place. You can bring out food and drinks, alcohol, blankets to enhance your stay.

You can also bring floaters for your kids if you want them to stay safe. There isn't a lot of hazard in the sea but the rocks in there could hurt your feet so beware. Other than that, there isn't a lot of safety issue unless you're out in the deep front, you might get drown if you don't have a safety device. Lake mead makes me very happy and it's one thing that will make my stay in Vegas a great one. I would feel horrible without this lake. It replaces the beach that I used to grew up with. If you're looking for the perfect lake to chill and unwind then I would recommend Lake Mead for you and your family. This is also awesome for any holidays as there are a lot of people partying out there.

Rating: 10


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