Kanha National Park Tragic death of a grass cutter

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Read an account of how a grass cutter was killed by a confused and frightened tigress in Kanha.

Man Eating Case in Kanha

Completely hidden underneath a mound of grass, the tigress was waiting for the deer to come close. It was bright and sunny day and the drama was unfolding act by act. We had followed the tigress through the thickets into the grassland where a large number of tourists lay waiting in anticipation.

The unsuspecting deer was busy foraging, unaware of the death slowly coming near. The big cat was placed right against the wind such that her smell did not travel towards the prey. The tigress pounced at the right moment upon the deer but the prey turned back with lightening speed. His life was saved miraculously, but a folly like this could result in sure death since the tigers are the deadliest hunting machines in the World.

But the chara cutter (grass cutter) was not very fortunate. Very early in the morning the chara cutters leave for the meadows from the elephant camp to fetch the animals back. At predawn whence the sun has not risen the unfortunate youth entered the forests following the pachyderm's foot marks. He the entered the grassland searching for the elephant. But the poor man did not know that death lay waiting for him. In that pitched darkness he saw a silhouette that appeared like a tiger. It was a tigress with cubs. Surprised by the sudden intrusion the wary mother tried to locate her cubs but could not. Her threat perception increased and she charged at the poor guy.

The chara cutter could make out that the tigress was coming towards. He called for help on his wireless device but it was too late. With the presence of young cubs around her she took no chance and killed the intruder. In an instant a life was lost due to circumstances.

By the time help arrived it was too late and they took the dead body back for the last rites. The tigress had killed but not eaten the person suggesting that the attack was in pure self defense.

A few days after this incidence I visited Kanha on tiger safari with guests. Whence the deer escaped, the hunt was over and she came out in the open, and I could see her clearly now. By no means she looked ferocious or blood thirsty. Living by instinct she was unaware of what she had done. In any other circumstance she would have quietly vanished in the darkness but the missing cubs frightened her and she charged.

In the open grassland she looked curiously at the crowd hanging. Unnerved by the commotion she ambled across the jungle road and vanished into the dense forest.

The big cat never ever harmed any one in the park. This was an act committed by the protective instinct that over comes wild animals. A nature's way of survival, but the loss of a life was saddening and tragic for the poor man's family. Tigers never kill man without a reason. An aberrant behavior or sever stress due to injury and intrusion by people in the habitat can lead to man eating. Tiger do not kill men as men kill it for greed, bogus pride and intolerance. Live and Let Live.


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author avatar Retired
29th May 2012 (#)

A sad tale. Sad for the family who lost a close one. An amimal only hunts when hungry but man hunts even when he has all. How greedy can we be?

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author avatar pateluday
29th May 2012 (#)

Yes humans are intolerant and uncaring about other life forms. We act as if we own the Earth.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
29th May 2012 (#)

Well told, Uday. Unfortunate death - siva

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author avatar pateluday
30th May 2012 (#)

Yes sad indeed! But the plight of tigers in India is also a sad case.

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