Jaipur Zoo during Diwali.

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The article speaks about the charm of visiting Jaipur Zoo during Diwali.

Jaipur Zoo is very colourful.

The zoo is Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan, India, is very colourful. Although the Zoo is not as big as that of Alipore Zoo, Kolkata or Nandankanan, Bhubaneswar, it has many animals in the zoo.


Children can enjoy the crocodiles in the zoo.They are kept in water bodies, and there are bridges from where visitors can see them.


There is bright sun. As such the crocodiles which are lazy in nature enjoy the sunlight of the autumn season in Jaipur.


Visitors come from different parts of the world to visit the zoo. As diwali season is the most popular season most of the visitors come to Jaipur during this season.

The bridges.

The bridges within the zoo are very well planned. They are kept in big heights and the animals lie at the bottom.


The lions in the cages of the zoo are very beautiful. They are well fed and very well maintained in the zoo.


Cages for the lions are very safe. Lions are very ferocious and lot of efforts should be given by zoo authorities to keep them safely within the cages.


The weather during diwali in Jaipur is very pleasant. It is not very hot, nor very cold. People can enjoy the zoo at this time of the year better than other times.


The entire zoo in Jaipur is very green. Due to planting of trees and herbs the zoo authorities had maintained excellent greenery inside the zoo.


Generally the zoo is very well crowded. Visitors can find time when they are free and visit the zoo accordingly with their children.

Artificial water.

There is artificial water created within the zoo. The waters are created such that the crocodiles can stay both in water and in land.


The deers are very well kept within the zoo. They travel in herds and stay very well inside the zoo without any trouble.


Fields are maintained within the zoo for the deers and other herbivorous animals. They can graze and be merry within the zoo.


Rangoli is given during diwali in Jaipur. People buy colours and draw pictures in their houses with the colours.

Good fortune.

Bengalies and hindus believe that the use of the rangoli can bring good fortune for everyone. Rangoli cleans the evil forces in the house.


Lighting is done during diwali in Jaipur in Rajasthan. People buy the lights and attach them to the walls of the houses.


People burst crackers during Diwali. They enjoy along with their children because the festival of lights is the greatest attraction in Jaipur.

Kalipuja and laxmipuja.

Hindus during diwali perform both Kalipuja and Laxmipuja. In fact the bursting of crackers is part of kalipuja (puja of Goddess kali) by bengalis and other communities.


Hindus also light rangmashal in the houses on the day of kalipuja. Both diwali and kalipuja coincide together in the same period.


Hindus and bengalis dress in new sarees on the day of Kalipuja and Laxmipuja. The festival of lights bring peace and prosperity in everyone's life.


Bengalies perform laxmipuja also on the day of diwali. It is puja for Goddess Laxmi, the God of wealth. The panchali of Goddess Laxmi is read out on the day of diwali and laxmipuja.

People should visit the Jaipur Zoo.

Visitors should visit the Jaipur Zoo, preferably during the diwali period due to the brilliant weather and good atmosphere.


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author avatar Souvik
25th Apr 2012 (#)

The Jaipur Zoo is very well maintained.
Souvik Chatterji.

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Great pictures, Souvik. Thanks for sharing.

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25th Apr 2012 (#)

Dear Buzz, thanks for the patient reading.
Souvik Chatterji.

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28th Sep 2012 (#)

Priya Pakanati: "good morning souvik......flipped for the pics...not for the zoo but ur wife and mom are looking so good& bright.......plz pass on the compliments to them.....that orange saree simply sparkled on both of them.....and hey !...how abt a visit o the nehru zoo in hyderabad..its the biggest in the country......"

Souvik Chatterji: "Dear Priyaji, thanks for the comments. I am awaiting the day when I will meet you. I did not see the Nehru Zoo in Hyderabad. I will definitely go there sometime."

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8th Oct 2012 (#)

Priya Pakanati: "good morning souvik....thank you for ur message......did you pass on my compliments to ur mom and wife for the last article I saw on the jaipur zoo ?....."

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Priya Pakanati: "having a mom & wife who share ur passion for travelling is such a special combination souvik....you are lucky to have it...always treasure them......"

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