Is it Really Possible to Travel the World for free?

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If your dream is to travel the world in the cheapest way, read the full article. You will get a great inside of low cost travelling and tips to how be prepared for trip.


Is it possible to travel around the world for free without spending a single dime? Money is one of the key piece when traveling. But is it really necessary?

I have always had the savings in my trips as a priority, although I have not yet reached the point of traveling without having to resort to money. However, I do know dozens of stories of travelers who have experienced adventures like large bicycle expeditions, film trips whose only means of transport was hitchhiking, walking around the world with a backpack.

What does it really mean to travel for free?

Maybe at this moment you are relating the fact of traveling for free with not spending money. And you are not misguided.

However, the free term refers to something that has no cost. Take a plane, pay for a hotel room, rent a car, or dine in a restaurant, all this has a monetary cost. But there are other types of costs that are not often discussed in tourism. The cost represented by the time factor. After all, money is a way of counting our work. To value our time. In general, we exchange hours of our life for financial remuneration. As an alternative we have the exchange or exchange of goods and services of similar value. In fact, barter continues to play a strong role in the world of travel today:

1. Work in a hostel in exchange for accommodation and food.
2. Collaborate on a farm in exchange for a bed to sleep on.
3. Caring for a family's cats while they are on vacation. Receiving accommodation in exchange.

Personally working in exchange for accommodation or staying Couchsurfing does not mean traveling for free. That the cost is not monetary does not mean that it does not exist.

Differentiated this:

Is it possible to travel for free?
Unless you are invited to make a trip to paid expenses, I see it complicated.

And travel without money?
Of course yes.

Check your Current Needs

There is something that all, all the great travelers have in common that is, their needs. Apparently, each person has different needs. All those thousands of people who wait hours and hours of queue in front of the Apple Store in order to be the first to get the new iPhone, have a need. When you go shopping and you end up with a new jacket or dress between your hands, you do it out of necessity.

But who is responsible for telling you what you really need? What is and Why is it important to you, while it may not be important for those sitting next to you? Think about it.

The unique and absolute needs that every human being shares can be counted on the fingers of one hand:

1. Water : It is studied that our body is able to resist without our most precious resource of about 3 to 5 days.
2. Oxygen: For now, nobody charges us for breathing.
3. Food: Our body requires energy to function.
4. Rest: If we do not sleep enough, we can't function well. Although it is shown that not all require the same hours of sleep.
5. Health: It is useless to have so many ideas and dreams in your head if your body and mind are not able to pursue them.

If during your trip you are able to cover these needs without spending a hard time, then you will be prepared to travel without money. You do not need anything else. This is very easy to say, not so much to put it into practice. A good exercise that can be useful to know your current needs is the following:

Make a list that collects the expenses that you usually have in your day to day, as well as all the material things that you have acquired in the last 2 months.

However, Imagine that you are going to spend a month on an island and you are alone there. What five things would you take? Would it be your iPhone? That leather jacket so cool you bought last week? That video game that you just released? Surely not. To travel without money this will be the first requirement that you must fulfill. Learn to lead a minimalist lifestyle.

The 4 Pillars that Sustain all Travel

Every trip is made up of four pillars, fundamental elements that usually cost money. The less money you need to cover these needs, the cheaper your trip will be. Allow me to give an example of my friend Pepito. He decided to spend a whole month in Denmark with less than 200 euros. Let's analyze his trip:

1. Transport
Pepito lives in Madrid. To move to Denmark, he took a flight from the capital of Spain to Copenhagen for 20 euros.
Once he landed in the city, he decided to walk the 10 kilometers to go to the farm of Mike, who was his host during the stay in the country.

2. Accommodation
Mike decided to open a profile on the Woofing platform with the intention of finding someone to lend a hand to take care of the livestock and the garden. That's how he met Pepito.
Pepito wanted to improve his English, as well as live new experiences. He did not know what to do with his life, so he needed more time than ever for him. To analyze your future with perspective. Host and guest agreed to a month's stay in exchange for about 4 hours of work each day.

3. Food
Pepito had the three meals of the day covered. They entered into the "contract" that he had signed with Mike.
Likewise, Mike gave Pepito permission to take whatever he needed from the garden.

4. Activities
Copenhagen was about 10 kilometers from Mike's farm. To get around, Pepito borrowed an old bicycle that Mike kept in the shed.

One day, in order to get to know the Danish capital, he decided to leave early and sign up for a Free Tour organized by local guides. Pepito was delighted about the visit, so he decided to give his guide a Rose and a 5 euro tip.

Pepito liked to take advantage of afternoons and days off to explore the surrounding countryside by bicycle. On Friday nights, he attended an events organized by Couchsurfers in the capital, taking advantage of this to meet new people and train, practice them English. And that's how Pepito spent a full month in Denmark spending only 200 euros.

Are You ready?

Is it really the money needed to travel from one place to another place? If you still response Yes, you have not grasped what I intend to convey in this article.

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