Is cheating, crime driving away foreign tourists from Goa?

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A look at the erosion of morals, values and integrity in Goa, leading to increased crime and cheating, driving away foreign tourists

Is cheating, crime driving away foreign tourists from Goa?

A earlier article on cheating in India, evoked a very strong reaction from some readers of the article. However, instead of criticizing and abusing the British tourist who expressed his unhappiness at the the conditions in Goa, the commenter who appeared to be from Goa should introspect. They should realize that the Goan economy benefits from the tourist who spends his or her hard earned money in Goa, he or she is free to spend the money elsewhere in other countries like Sri lanka, Thailand, Indonesia which also have a pleasant climate during the winter.

Most of the foreign tourist in Goa are from Russia and UK, and the number of these tourists declined in the last one year. Media has reported that the number of Russian tourists are also likely to decline this year, due to the financial crisis and also negative coverage of the experiences of the Russian tourist. In the last decade, there has been a complete change in value systems across India, in general and in goa in particular, with cheating rewarded, due to the warped priorities of the top officials. In the rest of the world, honesty still matters so visiting india remains risky for foreign tourists as they are likely to be cheated.

For example bengaluru brahmin cheater housewife nayanshree hathwar looted a single woman engineer of more than $1800, yet the top officials are so overjoyed with her crime, that not have they ensured that bengaluru police will not take action against the cheater nayanshree , they have given her a top job in R&AW (Indian equivalent of CIA, MI6) and falsely claim that she has written this article to justify the salary the brahmin cheater is getting for doing nothing. These top officials are extremely shameless, dishonest and cruel, ruthlessly attacking the whistleblower daily with invisible directed energy weapons . While tourism is not important for bengaluru, for a small state like goa with few industries, tourism does contribute to the economy.

However in Goa also, some of the top officials are extremely dishonest and ruthless in harassing, exploiting anyone they find vulnerable. For example in Goa, a webmaster and domain investor receiving payment through Paypal finds that at least 7-8 fraud women are also falsely claiming that they own her Paypal account, when they cannot withdraw a single penny or rupee, while she is being viciously defamed, These officials may be bribed by large corporates, yet why are they so dishonest that they waste indian tax payer money to falsely claim that their lazy greedy cheater friends own a business they are not connected to, to get great powers and privileges.

Many young people in Goa, seem to be devoid of values, work ethic and honesty. A webmaster had hired a young woman siddhi mandrekar, and at the first opportunity she commited corporate espionage, because she was promised great rewards for the fraud. Her powerful fraud friends and relatives then started spreading complete false rumors that she owned the business to defame the webmaster, and to give the fraud siddhi great powers. There are other lazy greedy young women in Goa like riddhi, sunaina who also falsely claim to own an online business when there is no connection at all, to get great powers.

In no other state does a small business owner find that so many well connected frauds are falsely claiming to be owning her business without doing any work or spending any money. Usually people will start their own business investing their time and money , however it appears that the officials in goa are extremely devoid of honesty, when they spread these false rumors verbally knowing that the small business owner does not have the time, resources to meet a large number of people and refute these malicious rumors. If a person who has lived in India her whole life and knows the system is being exploited so viciously, the plight of a foreign tourist will be far worse.

However wealthy or honest a person may be, being cheated can be an extremely unpleasant experience, In goa, some young people do not seem to be interested in a long term relationship with the people they deal with, trying to exploit to the maximum extent possible. The foreign tourist realizing that the dishonesty and negative attitude of some of the people in Goa will not change overnight, are preferring to spend their money elsewhere.


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