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It's only early August; there is still plenty of time to take a vacation. If you can't live without your dog, then there is n rule you can't take your pet with you. Just plan ahead of time and be sure all the requirements for the place your pet is going.

Taking your pet on vacation

We love our pets
We love our pets. Some people might not have a summer vacation if the family pet isn't welcome where they want to vacation. Some people cannot tolerate the thought of leaving their pet at home and having a neighbor or close by family come feed the pet. Nor can some people tolerate a kennel.

How people take their pet on a vacation

How people take their pet on a vacation
When people take their pet on vacation, the trip is usually by a car as 83 percent of people bring their pets by car ad 9 percent take their pet on a commercial airplane.

Most of the people who take their pet on vacation most take their dogs, as cats make up only nine percent of people who take their pets on vacation.

Jessica Kinney of Petplan insurance a pet insurance company say that overall eighty percent of owners overall take their pets on vacation. Out the eighty percent who took their pets on vacation, fifty-three percent of the people stayed at a hotel or resort. These hotels and resorts are ones that allowed animals and the rest stayed at the house of family or friends they were visiting on their vacation.

And most people who choose to take their pet on vacation sixty percent travel further than two-hundred miles from their residence.

Get your pet prepared for vacation

Get your pet prepared for vacation

When you decide your pet is going to vacation with you, don't choose the day before.

You have to check ahead of time if you are not staying with relatives or friends. You have to find a hotel or resort that will allow you to bring your pet.

A few months before vacation and take your pet to the veterinarian and tell them that your pet is going on vacation with you and where you are going to be vacationing in the same country you live. Make sure that your pet will be immune to ticks, fleas, and heartworm and are up to date and will last until you go on vacation and during the vacation. Also tell your veterinarian if going internationally and have her get your pet prepared for another country that have different rules to bring pets to their country

Flea and Tick prevention

Flea and tick prevention
The flea and tick prevention should be oral which means your pet takes a pill or chews a chunk of medicine. But some pets won't do it that way no matter what, Only if necessary get your pet oral care. The reason for this is that when applied topically it is supposed to prevent them on your pet for a month. But if you take your dog to the beach or sunny place, that topical medicine is going to wash off. Or, in a sunny place then the sun will break it down,

Identification of your pet

Identification of your pet
Ask your veterinarian for a medicine called Cerenia in case your pet develops motion sickness and this will work without making the pet drowsy.

The next item is a must: make sure your pet has permanent identification. BY this, I mean make sure your pet has a microchip. Since this is permanent even if you aren't leaving your country. You might decide to take your pet to a foreign country one day. So ask for an international chip. If you live in the United States, it might not be compatible with microchip identification machine used in France or Italy. It's best to get the international one that can be used worldwide.

Make sure your pet heas their medication

If your pet has an illness, make sure you have enough of the medication for the trip plus refills in case your trip takes longer than you thought. Such as your plane isn't traveling because of severe weather, Or, maybe your car breaks down and fit will take a few days to get it fixed. Have a note from the doctor that explains why your pet takes the medicine and what is wrong with your pet and what your pet should have done with her if the pet needs treatment. Also take the pharmacy bottles clearly labeled with your pets medicine.

And veterinary regulatory agencies have special rules for domestic animals. If you are going to go by plane ask them ahead of t time what their requirements are to take a plane and again ask the hotel what the requirements for a pet guest would be


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