Interior works of Jahaj Jain Mandir in Jalore.

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The article speaks about the great interior design of Jahaj Jain temple in Jalore. The outer walls are made out of white makrana marble.

Jahaj Jain Temple.

The Jahaj Jain temple is situated in Jalore in Rajasthan. It is 150 kilometers south of the city of Jodhpur. It is beautiful temple.

Interior design.

The interiors of the temple are made up of glasses and marbles and the colour includes white which is the symbol of peace.


Jains believe in ahimsa or non-violence. The message of Jainism is inculcated in the temple and it is a beautiful temple.


In 1992 a native of Lunava, Shri Kanhayyalal Mukesh Sompura presented before the Acharya rough designs and sketches relating to the plan and architecture of the imaginary Ship Temple.


These were based on imaginations of the Acharya. After a lot of pondering, in-depth discussions and research the plan was finally approved.


In 1993 the inauguration of the Shri Shantinath temple, Shri Jin kantisagarSuri Guru temple was held.


Progressively on 9th May 1993 the "Shilanyas" was accomplished. Since then the construction of the temple is in full swing.


In order to speedup the task the Acharya held his 1997 "Chatur-Mas" in Mandavla itself. It happened in 1997.


In 1999 a ceremony called "Anjan-Shalakha" was organized in which 108 saints participated along with 40,000 devotees and followers.

Visitors should visit the temple.

Visitors should visit the temple. Pilgrims can get mental peace by visiting the great temple in Jalore.

Source of images: " The images are taken from the private camera of Dr Souvik Chatterji during visit to Jalore on 25th September, 2015."


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author avatar Souvik
29th Sep 2015 (#)

The white colour of the Jain Jahaj temple brings peace.

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author avatar Kingwell
29th Sep 2015 (#)

Good post my friend. I agree with Non-violence Blessings

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author avatar Souvik
29th Sep 2015 (#)

Thanks a lot Kingwell, both Jains and Buddhists in India believe in non-violence.

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author avatar Lakshmi Priya
29th Sep 2015 (#)

ALL ur articles are reader friendly with appropriate pics. Not much literature but information is given in a precise tone. Best of luck to ur future travellings

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
29th Sep 2015 (#)

Beautiful post once again mate, cheers!

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