Impeach or Resign: 2 Questions

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A postscript analysis of a Senator hubris, braggadocio, discipline and protection from the law.

To Be or not To Be:

2 Questions:

Can a Senator resigns from office?
Can an erring senator be impeached?

The Philippines have seen and heard the past days of thrilled nation from theatrics and growls of two camps over the weekend and the start of this week penultimate canto before May 9 Presidential Election. A Senator trying to evade the legal proceedings to name and be under oath for his incredible claims. On the other side is a leading presidential candidate represented with his lawyer with a document to end all hysteria to support the Rule of Law. Then it fizzles, one man went out of his choice operatic venue and sought media to hide his scars and the uncanny tail tamed under his legs -a senator who vowed earlier he would resign. Would he now quit his job as he announced days leading to this brouhaha?. The answers varies like a plot of koreanovela, amorous Game of Thrones and even as entertaining as Kalyeserye!

Dirty Politics

The former war veteran and coup leader turned lawmaker Sonny Trillanes is not new contrversy. He is now running for the Vice presidency ( a separate mandate) and a cellar dweller in the survey for the longest time. Last Thursday he throw a bombshell claiming the Mayor from Davao-Rodrigo Duterte is hiding an account from his SALN ( statement of assets and Liabilities ) back in 2014. News spread like wild fire.

Senator Trillanes with all all his braggadocio and hubris would not honor his word period. A senator is not among the sole entities that are impeachable but he can meted "soft impeachment" for suspension and disqualification.He may be removed from office as provided by law, but not by impeachment.He can resign, so far only Miguel Zubiri had the balls to have done it in the history of the Senate. That rare occasion was a post electoral protest happened not too long ago under another regime.


Yesterday Monday, the two locked horn parties met on the disputed bank branch in posh financial district of Pasig. Duterte's lawyer submitted their document with an SPA to legitimized request. The bank cited necessary protocol. They asked for seven days.. That means any new information that comes out will be after the May 9 elections. The Senator, not accepting the proceedings and demand for him to sign a waiver disclosing his informants and complaints refused to submit his own. He walk out instead. The SPA is a waiver for that contentious account. The existence of the account doesn’t mean anything. The contents of that account do. Based on the recent bank statements no amount is near to the alleged claim but only few thousand (close to $600).

The whole thing was a circus. With no clear winner except some free media mileage (depends who you ask). With such folly exercise people began to ask, considering the Senator has a huge budget for his staff and politicking where does the bucks stop in wasting ng taxpayers money and punishing this kind of grandstanding or malicious contempt to elementary perjury of banks privacy


However the guiding law as always is not clear because under the spirit of our constitution it says:
Section 16(3), Article VI provides the manner in which MEMBERS of the Senate may be disciplined, suspended or EXPELLED. It provides as follows:

Each House may determine the rules of its proceedings, punish its Members for disorderly behavior, and with the concurrence of two-thirds of all its Members, suspend or expel a Member. A penalty of suspension, when imposed, shall not exceed sixty days.".

The senate accommodates a walk-out queen, disobedience soldier, liar, hypocrite and traitor. Trillanes is just one of the many face of our elected officials with the magnanimity to be covered by his big brothers in that hallowed hall of privileged primates. Given the current numbers even with new elected senators comes in the incumbent Senator have 3 more years to enjoy his boy's club in the upper house. He got supports with his colleagues the last few yeas dismantling some old post and dinosaurs already, this time however he probably met his match. A game changing would-be president would tip off the balance of any accrued power a self consumed law maker's justified end. The congress would finally rally not to derail changes anymore. Either he resign to avoid being cannibalized of his inherited strength from taxpayers money and mandate that gave him the seat.

Meantime, another person still not free from dent of continuous bombardment from all fronts and the delusion of this disgruntled man, but that Man -Duterte has a date with destiny.

Lets live on it..for now. Abangan!


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author avatar JoshuaClayton
3rd May 2016 (#)

Great article. Politics all around seems like a "clown show", but it all goes on. I understand.

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author avatar SaigonDeManila
3rd May 2016 (#)

Thanks Joshua..true just like the US even its the bastion of democracy they still produce a Tramp! hahaha!

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author avatar Xrmflores
5th May 2016 (#)

Very good article sir.

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author avatar SaigonDeManila
6th May 2016 (#)

Thank you Xmflores... Keep on writing as well!

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