Ice Cream in a Bag

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Ice Cream in a Bag Anyone? What about ice cream in a bag? O, what a shock!!

Our Weekend Trip

As an avid homeschooler and active Mother, I am always trying to find productive and fun ways to spend my weekend, especially since I only have one day off per week. Often I elicit ideas and suggestions from my students and colleagues who usually have some very interesting things on their lists. When listening to ideas; I take several things into consideration. I think of the cost for my entire family, the ease or difficulty in transporting small children, and whether this activity will be suitable and enjoyable for everyone, and how we can incorporate the experience in our daily school lessons. So, when one of my students suggested we go to buy ice cream at a parlor in Bahri and then walk across the bridge into Omdurman, I thought it was perfect. The trip would not be too expensive and transportation very easy.

Friday came and the children were very excited. We talked about different flavors of ice cream we had tasted before and the many types of ice cream cones that were available. It had been over a year since we had a good ice cream cone. It was winter last year when we left America, so no ice cream was available.

We had just about decided what cones we wanted when the time came to go. We got on the bus and left Thawrah off to Bahri. As we travelled, I thought of the many cone varieties. “What kind would I get: sugar, waffle, or plain?” We made it to the shop and I saw BLOCKS of ice cream. I have never ever seen BLOCKS of ice cream. My children were stunned!!! There were men cutting off smaller blocks and putting them in bags. I was still searching for cones. I was thinking this was some kind of factory and the people had special orders for some big event. Finally, it was our turn in line. The student accompanying us asked what flavors we wanted. After choosing, the worker started cutting blocks of ice cream, put them in four plastic bags, wrapped them in newspaper and gave them to us. It was then that I realized we were about to eat ice cream out of a bag.

As we walked across the bridge, the Nile was unbelievably beautiful. I looked at my boys faces. They were going through some major adjustments trying to eat ice cream from a bag. We were having an experience of a lifetime. The ice cream was very delicious. But the bag thing really made me laugh and say, “Only in Sudan!!!@$$#%.!@!!”


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author avatar Denise O
21st Jul 2011 (#)

I bet that took some getting use to. When we first moved to Guam, I was 8 years old. We got off the plane, Dad took us to a motel, since it was going to be 2 days before our home would be ready for us. At the motel there was a restaurant, we all went in and had breakfast. It absolutely freaked me out that I was served fried rice with my eggs and not hashbrowns. I know that might seem silly but, we get use to having things a certain way and any other way, just seems strange. It didn't take me much time to adapt to the new life I was about to live for the next 4 years though. I still have friend rice with my eggs at times. Nice read. Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar D in The Darling
21st Jul 2011 (#)

I like it. I already feel like getting a cone for myself in this winter.

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author avatar Fatimah As-Salafy
23rd Jul 2011 (#)

Denise, the mechanics of eating ice cream in a bag is a whole how-to article in and of itself.

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author avatar Fatimah As-Salafy
23rd Jul 2011 (#)

D...I want a coneeeeeee!!!!

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author avatar Humza
30th Jul 2011 (#)

that would have been a lifetime experience fatimah :P

greattt one!
Am still thinking that how would I have reacted If i were there!! :D
great one thnx for sharing

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