"I'm visiting Hull..please describe points of interest on the way..this is a once in a lifetime experience"..

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.....said the lady on the train sitting near me. Here I try to repair my bumbling response and maybe, that lady will stumble across this article.

London to Hull by rail - that can't possibly be interesting....

Elderly lady: "I'm in need of some orientation" as she moved from one seat to another.
Kev: "We're going north" I pointed towards the front of the train. I thought she was talking about orientation as in travelling from the south to the north of England. She had a foreign accent so I thought something must have been lost in translation. Turns out it was the direction of travel that mattered to her.
kev: "I have a map". The lady nodded approvingly. I produced my 'Rough Guide to England' and pointed out the rail route London to Hull.
kev: "I carry this guide with me all the time - there's too much to remember otherwise." I babbled. "It comes in different languages".
Elderly lady: "I need Hebrew"
Kev: "...er...I'm not sure if it's available in Hebrew"
Elderly lady: "It doesn't matter, I read English".
Struggling to think of something intelligent to say, I handed my guide to her then picked up my Telegraph newspaper. There was an excellent article about the financial situation of English football. It must have been cleverly written because I'm usually bored with football.

Train conductor: "The next stop is Peterborough" I couldn't think of anything to say about Peterborough so carried on reading.

Train conductor: "The next stop is Grantham"

Mrs Kev:to the elderly lady: "Have you heard of Margaret Thatcher" Elderly lady nods.
Mrs Kev: "Margaret Thatcher was born here"
Kev: "Yes and we have important politicians in Hull too, there's John Prescott and Alan Johnson....
Elderly lady interrupts: "Look out of the window - that is a church with a spire!"
kev: "mmm".

Hull - you cannot be serious

Elderly lady: "There was a fishing industry in Hull?"
Kev: "Yes but we now have some other industries, services and manufacturing " I completely forgot the millions of tonnes of freight carried through The Port of Hull each year.
Elderly lady: "I'm visiting the University"
kev: "Are you doing academic work at the University?"
Elderly lady: "Yes" The Hull Uni I thought - surely one of Hull's best kept secrets.

I recommend other 'secrets' including 'The Deep' (no ordinary aquarium), the 'Museum Quarter' in the 'Old Town' (first rate and free), the 'Hull Maritime Museum', the 'Ferens Art Gallery' and 'Princes Dock' (for cafe-bars). Coffee nuts must not miss 'Mcoys' near the 'Princes Quay'. The choice of filtered and pressure machine coffee there is of national importance in my humble opinion, not to forget the toasted club sandwich.

We disembarked from the train at Hull (Paragon) station ('Interchange') and pointed the elderly lady towards her hotel. She smiled and thanked us.

Hull & The East Coast of Yorkshire - but I am being serious

I can't write about Hull without mentioning the brilliant Hull/Scarborough railway with bus links to Robin Hood's Bay and Whitby (I recommend the day Rover ticket so hop on and off). This railway has survived since the railway mania era of the nineteenth century and although the trains aren't steam anymore, the modern version is comfortable and includes the all important toilets.

Yorkshire - Now I'm being mega serious

The City of Hull is an administrative area within Yorkshire and both boast a glittering array of 'sons' and 'daughters'. I can't sum it up better than to quote Margaret Thatcher's press secretary, Bernard Ingham. I make no apology for copying and pasting the following from my local libarary online catalolgue:

"Author: Ingham, Bernard
Title:: Yorkshire greats, the county's fifty finest
Notes: Includes: William Wilberforce, of Hull; King Edwin, born at Goodmanham and buried at Driffield; Amy Johnson; St John Fisher, of Beverley; J Arthur Rank, of Hull; Andrew Marvell, of Hull; David Hockney
Summary: Bernard Ingham provocatively saluted his top 50 Yorkshiremen and women of all time. Starting from 627 A.D., he runs the whole gamut from kings to characters - explorers, reformers, inventors, scientists, entrepreneurs, nation-builders, pioneers, generals, martyrs, heroes, politicians and cricketers".

In other words,Yorkshire has the lot. Everyone should make a pilgrimage here.

Elderly lady, if you're reading this, I hope Hull treated you well. Sorry I was a rubbish tour guide.

By the way, there are East, West, North and South areas of Yorkshire - each region deserves at least one Wikinut article...watch this space...


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