Hutaree Militia is a kind of Talibanism in the United States

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Just as the American and other governments of the world are trying to battle terrorism, a dangerous Christian Militia group called Huteree came up with same mission and visions of terrorism.


The world has seen so much bloodshed for the sake of religious sectarianism as a result of indoctrination cum fanatic idiosyncrasies of people who claim to divine inspirations. Most of the crises in the world today is being instigated by one religious ideology or the other with every party to the crises claiming to be acting on behalf of God. The questions are, what impressions do they want to create about God?
The attitudes and lifestyle of these religious fanatics gives people a dismal impression about God. It discourages the people from actually seeing God as a benevolent creator since His claimed representatives are malevolent and aggressive. But there have been historical, scientific and spiritual proofs about the existence of a benevolent, omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent creator referred to as God. Then who are these religious fanatics representing?

Religious extremism

The Moslem extremists and their Christian counterparts have made the world unbearable for humans. In Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Britain, The US, North Africa, East Africa and Nigeria etc; these fanatics has pasted an indelible stain of human blood that could by right inspire people to re-examine the idea of belonging to any fanatic religious group. Remember the 9/11, the sub way explosions in Britain, the Iraq War, the Afghanistan War, the assassinations in Algeria, the Bali Bombers, the Nigerian genocide, Somali, Bosnia, Israel and Palestine etc and the Osama Bin Laden destructive Al-Qaeda group which has unleashed untold carnage on people, are enough tragedies for the world.
There have been many radical extremist Christian cults and militias in the United States before the advent of the Hutaree Militia. Among them are The Mormons, The defunct Branch Dividian that was extinguished in a battle with the United States FBI, The Peoples’ Temple Church of Jim Jones that committed mass suicide with his devotees in a jungle outpost in Guyana and the list can continue. Now it’s the Hutaree’s turn to threaten America again if not for the intervention of the United States Security forces who stepped in to arrest the Terrorists involved in this wicked plan.

The Hutaree's vision and mission

There visions are: In their website, they proclaimed that they are “preparing for the end time battle to keep the testimony of Jesus Christ alive, to defend themselves upon the arrival of the antichrist with weapons and to do this until their death (that is the implication of the word ‘Golgotha’ used in that text). They believe that the success of their existence as Christians will depend on their ability to destroy all non Christians of their sect and other faiths.
They were raided, nabbed by the FBI and charged to court for alleged conspiracy to kill Police Officers and wage war against the United States. The suspects were detained in a series of FBI raids in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana although one of the members of the group is at large. The Attorney General Eric Holder confirmed that the indictment outlines an insidious plan by anti-government extremists to murder a law enforcement officer in order to lure police from across the nation to the funeral where they would be attacked with explosive devices.
To achieve their mendacious aims, the group has training camps where they undergo military trainings to equip themselves for the war against the antichrist and other faiths. But their schemes have been aborted by the FBI and the laws of the United States will take its course.
Yes they have been arrested and probably going to face the punishment for disrupting the peace of the country, but one thing we must know is that, once an ideology is indoctrinated into a people’s head, it takes more than just a legal procedure to de-brainwash the many that has been indoctrinated into the group. Christians must stand against this kind of imposters who commit atrocities in the name of God. It’s only when the people agree in one voice to stamp out killings in the name of God that this kind of extremist groups will be out of business.


Hutaree, Ohio, United States

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