How to send your kid to the moon by drinking less beer (part 1)

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A brief outline of how you make a hundred million dollars to shoot your kid into space!

The moon... You want to go?

So, I few years ago the company Space Adventure made plans for a tourist trip to the moon. Really! This is no joke, this company has to date sent seven brave tourists into space, where they each spent a good week at the international space station. Every ride went fine, and all of them had a bunch of nice photos to bring back home.

And of course quite a bunch of bragging rights! "Yeah, i remember back in 2005 when i flew into space on a Soyus rocket for a week or so.. Was cool.."

That's how they did it, russian Soyus rockets. They made a deal with Roscosmos and NASA and rented seats on the rockets and a cozy little bed up on the station.

Of course there is a downside. The pricetag is a little hefty. Those guys buying tickets had some savings hidden in the mattress since they paid something on the order or 20 million dollars. (But that was including drinks!)

To go to the moon they envisioned the same Soyus rocket, but with a different upper stage and a slightly bigger fuel tank, to break out of earth orbit and cruise along the 360.000 km's to the shiny apple (in the sky a mean, not the east coast!).
Of course, the bigger fuel tank would push up the price to somewhere around a 100 million dollars. Per seat.

And mind you, then you would actually not get to LAND on the moon, but just go around it a few times. Still cool though!

So how to do it?

What'ya say? A little short of a 100 million dollars? Oh my, well then start saving. Not as tricky as it sounds actually!
Because of the laws of intrests-upon-intrests, savings quickly add up!

Let's say you go out in the weekend for a couple of drinks, maybe a movie, and a taxi ride home. 50-60 bucks, right?
Ok, let's make it a cheap weekend. Instead of the movie, call a friend and take a walk on a street you never saw before. Then go to the pub, watch the fotball and sing the songs, but drink a water instead. And really, the nightbus or a brisk walk is just as good a way to get home!

Savings: 50 bucks! Then make it a habit, and ba-zinga! You save 200 bucks a month! (Of course you can save money in other ways, but try to scrap up 200 bucks, ok?)

Then put them on the stockmarket.

The last 80 years, the stockmarket had an annual return on 11 percent on average. This is including dividends, but also all the nasty crashes since the 1930's. Even counting the crash of the 70's, and the bubble of the 90's, and the recent crash, they still average an upturn of 11% per year.
So take your 200 bucks, invest them, add 200 dollar next month, and next month.

By the end of the year you have 2400 dollars, plus 11 percent winning which adds up to 2664 dollar.
Then next year you add 200 dollar each month, and get 5064, plus 11 percent winning on THAT which is 557 dollar, for a total of 5621 dollar.

In part 2 i am going to continue the counting, so keep reading!


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