How to prepare for Las Vegas trip in the summer time

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If you're not from Vegas, you should read on about how to prepare for the summer trip here

What you can do to stay cool

Dress light

Las Vegas is not the place to dress in Jeans and sweaters in the summer. It's over 100 degree and you will be sweating all of your water out so do not dress in full clothing. You will need short, tanks, slippers, hat shade, water, white color, sun dresses to stay cool. If you are packing for Vegas, you should be packing this light. The lighter the better. If you will be going to fancy celebration, a nice thin short dress would do. When you go outdoor, you would
need sunscreen, shades and slippers.

Stay indoor

You should stay indoor in the day time if you don't want sun burn, heat stroke, and passing out if you have a medical condition. It's best to go out after seven pm so you don't get the heat burn. It's pretty nice out after 7pm.

Bring plenty of water

You should bring plenty of water since you will need it and you don't want to pay $4 for a bottle of water because that's how much it cost in the casino and their shop around there. It's smart to pack a backpack of water before you fly out, or before you settle in, you can stop by Walgreen or the gas station to get a pack of water, so you don't waste a lot of money on it.

Before you go outside, you can grab a couple of water bottle to put in your bags so you don't have to pay plenty of money for it.
If you don't drink enough water, you can pass out or your illness can worsen. If you have a medical condition, I urge you to stay indoor while you're in Vegas cause the heat will suck everything from you.

Where to go out

Go out in the night time

You will have a better time if you go out in the night time then the day time. When you go out in the day time, the heat is too high,
and you will not enjoy your time together there. You can get sick too. It's much better in the night time.

Go swimming

It's fun to go swimming in the day time. There are many cool pools and party here in Vegas like Rehab, or Marquee day club.
It's ideal for you to take your kids too. You should put on sunscreen to avoid sun burn.


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