How to Walk Across The USA

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In my research of ‘how to’ walk across the USA I have learned that this is not just an ordinary walk. This is a trek that will definitely take planning, preparing and training.

How to Walk Across The USA

Walking across the USA is not a new idea and plenty of people have already done it.

They walk for a number of reasons and most have a special cause they are supporting. They walk across the States raising awareness for their causes gathering letters to the President of the United States, collecting donations and rallying support.

Some have walked across the USA barefooted, walked backwards, walked to lose weight, walked for Jesus dragging a cross and some walk just because it’s there.

For the past year I have been planning, preparing and training to walk across the United States.

In my research of ‘how to’ walk across the USA I have learned that this is not just an ordinary walk. This is a trek that will definitely take planning, preparing and training.

I’ve listed below some of the best routes and the best, safest and most enjoyable walkways.

If you are planning such a trek it is my hope that this will help:

The American Discovery Trail

This is by far the safest and best route to take. The “ADT” as it is referred to was made for just this purpose. Thousands of people each year visit some point along the trail and are either walking, running, hiking or bicycling.

The ADT spans across 15 States and is approximately 6,800 miles long round trip, but this figure combines the totals of the two routes across the Midwest.

The coast-to-coast distance using the northern route (through Chicago) is 4,834 miles. If you take the southern route (through St. Louis) the distance is 5,057 miles.

The time it will take you to complete the southern route is 42 weeks or 10.5 months if you walked 20 miles a day six days a week.

Route 66

During my research of this route I’ve discovered there are a lot of down falls. After corresponding with truckers and others who have already driven, walked or bicycled this route

I’ve decided that route 66 is my 2nd choice because the word I am getting is that the route can be dangerous.

The actual route 66 is off to the side of the new route 40 and at times you it’s hard to even find the actual route 66. Many of the store and shops have shut down because of route 40 that diverted the traffic away from the route 66.

Route 66 starts in Santa Monica California and ends in Chicago Illinois so you then to finish the trek you’ll have to take one of the other routes such as route 80 to New York.

US Route 50

This route is referred to as “The Back Bone of America”. Coast-to-coast this highway is 3,073 miles long. There is a lot of History to enjoy along the way.

Route 6

The official name of Route 6 is called the “Grand Army of the Republic (Memorial) Highway” and was known as the Roosevelt Highway named after President Theodore Roosevelt in the late 20s and early 30s.

The distance across Coast-to-Coast through 14 States is 3,227 miles making this the second longest U.S. Route in the country.

Route 20

Route 20 is 3,365 and crosses through 11 states and four time zones. Route 20 is known as the longest continuous Highway and full of American History.

Tips to think about

If you are thinking of actually trekking across the USA then it is a must that you are training on a daily basis. Walking nearly every day 15 to 20 miles for months on end can be pretty exhausting, mundane and very time consuming.

Before making the USA trek try short 100 mile trips to gage whether or not you have the endurance to make a longer trip.

Do not attempt to trek alone.

Always have a pace car following you for protection, shelter and to carry your supplies.

You can complete 15 to 20 miles in a 4 to 6 hour period and consider what you would do with the rest of your time. This would be a good opportunity to use the pace car to drive ahead and see the sites and return the next day after quality rest to start your trek where you left off.

Good luck and happy trekking!

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14th Sep 2015 (#)

Thank you for your commentary I was planning to walk Route 66 to raise awareness for spinal cord injury recovery. I am based in Australia but have lived in the USA - I am releasing myn book later this year and was planning a 6 month walk across the USA to create awareness. Reading this commentary has been very enlightening The American Discovery Trail looks interesting and I am now not so sure about Route 66 - I am trying to enlighten families dealing with SCI...This is really important to me I would appreciate your thoughts Scott

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