How to Stay Connected Being a Tourist Abroad – What Are The Profitable Ways of Making International Calls?

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Some useful tips for the travelers how to cut costs on international calls

In the long journey, it makes sense to buy an international or a local SIM card.

The period of holidays is on its top point and those who are going to travel abroad need to think about how to communicate with their families, friends or relatives. Basic roaming of the domestic mobile operators is rather an expensive pleasure. That’s why the best way to not splurge on common prices but to learn in advance what the operators offer to travelers. And it is not only individual packages for tourists but some special offers for roaming connection. One should search the websites of the local operators before going abroad. They can be selected on the basis of what kind of communication tool you prefer (calls, SMS or social networks).
At some of the packages there is startup fee will be charged, and after that you can enjoy attractive rates. Often the connection service is free, but the funds will be charged off immediately as soon as you start to use it.
Thus, there are various packages such as free roaming SMS, if you used to write SMS more. Here the operators sometimes offer several first SMS free. But subsequent messages will be paid. Usually ordering the package is simple: you need to dial the sequence of numbers shown on the website or suggested on the hot line.


Alternatively, one may keep in touch and do not over pay, by choosing the international travel SIM cards. The most popular of them TravelSiM, GlobalSIM, Simfortour and GSM-Travel.
They can be purchased at the mobile shops and ordered via the Internet. The cost of starter packs varies, depending on the initial balance (money that will appear on the account).
For example, the SIM card TravelSiM with $ 5 in the account will be worth $ 12, with $ 1 GLOBALSIM balance - $ 3, Simfortour and GSM-Travel with a zero balance will cost nearly $ 2-3. The main advantage of these cards are free incoming calls from a number of countries (from 51 to 150, the list of countries listed on the websites of the operators).
Although there is hidden costs that is a huge minus - the caller should pay for the call and not so cheap (the prices vary – check at the service you have chosen). So, for your family it will not be too sparingly.


If you are going abroad for a long time, especially with the family or with friends, it will be more profitable to buy starter packs of the mobile operator of the country where you will be.
Communication inside the country most likely, will be free or inexpensive (unlike other mobile versions). For example, Ballena package from the Spanish operator Orange is € 12 for 30 days.
It includes 1 GB of bandwidth, free calls within the network (€ 0.18 per connection) and SMS for € 0.12. If you are planning to stay in the country more than a month, you will have to recharge at € 8,95. In some countries, the starting price of the package can be very expensive ($ 40), but most prices still are moderate. Local operator Sim card in Cambodia costs $ 5. Detailed costs are following: $ 1 - the Sim itself, $ 2 - 1 GB of 3G internet and $ 2 remains in the account for the calls. Tariffs are sparing, for example, minute of call to Ukraine from Cambodia or India costs nearly 2-3 cents. There is another nasty surprise with which you may face while choosing a card, it needs local mobile phone. So the costs will rise in several times according to the mobile phone that you will choose.


But the most affordable way of communicating, as the experienced tourists say, is connection over the Internet (for example, in social networks) and via mobile applications: via Skype, Viber, Google voice, WhatsApp Messenger or ICQ / QIP.
The main conditions: to have a smartphone to download the application (it is also important that they are and the person you want to call) and find a free Wi-Fi (unfortunately, in Europe, not all hotels and restaurants delight the free internet, and an hour Wi-Fi sometimes you have to pay $ 3-3.5). You can find the nearest point of Wi-Fi access with help of other useful applications - WiFi Map, WeFi Pro, WiFi Analyzer or Free Zone WiFi.
If your friend, for example, has no Skype account you still will be able to make him a call him via the Internet it is possible, but here you should check skype prices on the international mobile or landline phone calls. As the experience shows – it is rather expensive. You can also buy one of the three unlimited plans.
Same story with Viber. At the same time there periodically interesting proposals for international calls.


It happens that tourists are not doing and not taking no calls abroad, returned with a negative balance on the account. This is because they forget to disable some functions of the smartphone. For example, "mobile data" or GPS. They themselves are connected to the Internet and spend money. You also need to disable the service conditional forwarding. If it is enabled, you will remove the money for incoming and outgoing calls. It is also best to ignore the call than fold - it is likely that dumping will be credited with a minute of conversation.


There are a lot of services – one can find it on the web – which offer international calls to mobile and landline numbers in respectively cheap prices. The main reason for this – they have got direct agreements with the mobile operator carriers so the rates are cheaper and they can offer you cheap rates on calls. It is even more comfortable as you can call mobile or landline number and be sure your target has mobile phone with him. One of such services is CallnSpeak. The service offers 3 ways to make calls – by the webphone, softphone or a mobile app available for Android \ iOS smartphones.


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