How to Prepare You Family Car for an off Road Vacation

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Deciding to take your family to the wild side of the countryside requires a bit of preparation and we are here to help.


Many of us enjoy spending our vacation time in five star resorts, where we are offered with top notch hospitality and quality service. However, from time to time, our inner explorer wants to see the world from different perspectives. Having a usual holiday is not always something that we want. Sometimes, it is best to go off road and enjoy nature completely. The thing is, this requires a different vehicle and many of us are equipped with usual family cars. Many people think that you have to own an off road, specific vehicle in order to get the best experience, however, with a little bit of fine tuning, it is possible to adjust your car for harsh off road conditions. There are the three main aspects of your car that you should invest in, in order to enable it for the off road vacation.


When it comes to taking your vehicle off road, torque is the thing that becomes much more important than in everyday driving. Torque is the force that is applied when objects are being rotated, in this case the car. When it comes to off road conditions, this is a much appreciated car feature, more than its top speed. It is possible to boost your vehicle’s torque in several ways, but one is especially popular due to the fact that it provides the greatest boost. The part needed for this is a custom performance air intake kit. Preferably, a cold air intake kit is even better, because it intakes cold air which is richer with oxygen. Some quality air intake systems can increase the performance to up to 40 pounds of torque. This will make your car much more functional in rough, off road conditions.


Due to the fact that your engine is going to be under a lot of pressure, it is important to conduct a service that will check the engine’s state. If everything is working properly, you should definitely try and increase your horsepower output, as it may come in useful in various off road scenarios. One of very popular ways to do is by chipping your car. It is a little part found in many engines, which regulate the amount of fuel the engine intakes. You can customize your engine and increase its horsepower, which will also affect the above mentioned torque. However, it is important to have this done by true professionals and not have your engine overcharged, as it will cause more harm than good in the long run. Another popular way of increasing engine performance is via installing a turbocharger. It takes in much more air and pushes it in the cylinders, which causes more powerful explosions, increasing the engine’s performance up to 30 or, in some cases, 40 percent. Higher engine performance can help you in situations when you are facing steep terrain.


After making all the engine adjustments, it is equally important to improve your suspension system. Factory suspension is created for on road conditions and they fulfill their purpose completely. But, in order to make your car shine in off road paths, it is very important to invest in a higher quality aftermarket suspension system. The suspension regulates shock absorption from the road, which is, in off road conditions, pretty intense. Owing to the fact that suspension is very busy in these situations, it an important thing to invest in, just like the engine. Suspension is made of numerous parts and, sometimes, people forget that small linking parts are as important as all the bigger ones. Investing in a good suspension system will increase the durability of your car, even though it is going to face different types of terrain, while you are on your off road vacation.


The three above mentioned elements are the most important to improve on your car, if you are planning to drive it in rough terrains. Suspension and the engine are the key, because you will definitely need more stability and power from your vehicle. If you are a fan of off road driving, it is best to get a four wheel drive. In recent years, cars with four wheel drive are offered more often, so make sure that your car has this, as it is far superior in off road conditions.


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