How do you spend 7 days of dreams in Turkish Trabzon?

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Are you considering a visit to the Pearl of the Black Sea in Turkey? Learn months and shrines Trabzon city landmarks, and plans for a perfect trip to the most beautiful tourist destinations in northern Turkey.

How do you spend 7 days of dreams in Turkish Trabzon?

Are you considering a visit to the Pearl of the Black Sea in Turkey? Learn months and shrines Trabzon city landmarks, and plans for a perfect trip to the most beautiful tourist destinations in northern Turkey.

Worthy of Trabzon city, pearl of the Black Sea coast, to be on the list and Jhatk tourist favorite in Turkey, they are characterized by tranquility and beauty of the Lord and the weather mild gentle even in the hot summer months, which is less crowded than Antalya and cities Turkish Bank, and has set itself a privileged place of the cultural landscape of hand and artistic traditions to maintain the authentic Turkish heritage.

Trabzon has become one of the most favorite destinations for Arab tourists, where he finds the green comfortable and quiet requested by the family or a youth trip, we will give you in this article, 7 days a trip to the north of Turkey guide to the Trabzon area're new through this guide months landmarks the city, and the main nearby tourist attractions, with practical advice to book a hotel in Trabzon, how to organize your flight path of the easiest and most beneficial.

The first and second day | Be prepared to sedition "black magic"

Visiting Trabzon falls in love with this city once set foot in the nearby airport land, they strut the warmth and beauty of like a fairy steal glances from behind the many surrounding mountains, and the murmur of water that accompanies the traveler throughout the trip, owns Trabzon hotels suitable for all budgets options, such as Nazar Hotel Hôtel (3-star) with an excellent location the city center and at a cost starting at $ 60 per night, hotel Aalipark Hôtel (4-star) and the prices start at $ 150 for the room, or choose to book apartments in Trabzon in Bruges hotel in IBM 1 and the price starts from US $ 320 per night.

You can start your journey visit landmarks near the city, such as the Hagia Sophia Museum and Lake beautiful walk, and the Palace of Ataturk primarily on the high plateau excellent location and enjoy the panoramic views, and just a few minutes from the city center, surrounded by a lush garden and a wide, beautiful and perfect for hiking.

On the second day; begin the real adventure visit to the monastery Sumila or Soumila, where some went to be described as the most beautiful monastery built on the mountains in the world, and is a monastery for nearly an hour and a half from Trabzon, on the way visiting him could not help but stare tirelessly from bus or taxi window, we advise you to visit the monastery in the early mornings, where it is less crowded, and enjoy visiting a world of solitude and contemplation, which is induced by landscapes amazing in this place, Arise, touring around the small church compound on top of the mountain, and aware during the climb high ladders, that may be inappropriate to pick up the children, and after fatigue and imaging they catch your breath at the cafe near the beautiful Pacific.

Third day: one day trip to the province of Rize

Rize province, located about an hour from the province of Trabzon, and said to be the most beautiful natural area in Turkey, where the scenic that compete with the European alpine charm and its might, and you plan to visit for one day out of Trabzon hotels, or stay in scattered in the many picturesque villages in Rize small and Pensions .

The Aider Heights months attractions here, and characterized this region rainfall at any time throughout the year, with a marked decrease in the precipitation rate starting from spring until early fall, and lengthened the list of scenic places worth visiting in Rize, where waterfalls and rivers, which kicks off tourists in rowing boat trips on the rubber, as well as restaurants and dreamy villages that offer delicious butter and cheese and honey can Taatdhuqoh in Turkey, as well as appetite dishes prepared on the wood.

Attract "Zell Cali" Castle of thousands of tourists annually, who set off on an adventure to the valley, "Firtina" Kharafi beauty breathtaking, and ticket entry 2.50 TL person can wander around the castle dating back to the Middle Ages, and take great photos of the stunning her appearances, as There is a wonderful, quiet cafe near.

Fourth day: one day trips to the nearby cities of Trabzon

If you are a fan of tourist movements during the journey; you will find a lot of picturesque Black Sea coast places, which can be had from Trabzon hotels, and is available for overnight accommodations and hotels in this quiet city that probably have not heard about before.

We recommend visiting the Ordu province, which lies about 155 kilometers from Trabzon, famous for this city with lots of waterfalls and lakes charming green landscapes brightening in psychology, is also a cable car ride from the most important where tourism activities, do not forget to taste Turkish tea "Msbot" cup in a cafe Vonali Celal which is of the most famous cafes with magnificent views in Urdu.

You can visit the Gerson province as another option beautiful, where lies approximately 113 km from the city of Trabzon, famous for its waterfalls "Kosalan" refreshing, and Castle "Gerson" with views that do not miss, and you can enjoy your eyes wonderfully pastures green plains and plateaus that discoloration of this province with all the versatility and mastery .

Conservative "gümüşhane province" lies approximately 65 km from Trabzon, which is another face unfamiliar in Turkey, visiting her feel like fleeing the area of ​​the clock, where rural simple houses and shops of handicrafts and fragrant past and traditions reeked of alleys poetic.

If you have special time and are planning a long trip; do not miss the opportunity to visit the jewels of tourism on the Black Sea coast, and here we mean the city "Amasra" romantic intimacy, and the city of Sinop, which has not yet been contaminated by the masses of visitors.

Today the fifth and sixth: I am the night and a cottage in uzungöl!

Uzungöl City is about 80 km from the city of Trabzon, and needs access to nearly two hours, and can be had from Trabzon hotels, The dreamers distinctive trip is not repeated Vennsahkm booked a cottage near Lake uzungöl, which means "long lake", where many of the huts and lodges available equipped with internet access and television modern and stylish bathrooms, and here the night of the tourist lives of age between the arms of the stars Almtlilh and calm that not only cut off the sound rustle of trees and breezes blowing ailing.

You can rent bicycles and mobility around the beautiful lake, a boat ride organized trips around, we recommend you rely on public transportation in uzungöl area, they are available and cheap, and the advantage of this region inviting and moderate, as the temperature does not exceed 26 degrees Celsius even in the summer months, a an ideal destination for families and holiday honeymoon trips and adventures as well as the youth.

Seventh day: the end of the Turkish series!

One can not help but feel sad about parting and hope to meet again, the journey of Trabzon has a lot of privacy and the effects remaining in the soul, where the tourist and exclusive interview with the tourist destination different and unusual Turkish, Trabzon probably does not have the reputation Istanbul and originality, and color charming sea the beaches are crowded and nightlife in Antalya, but a kiss of lovers of calm and pristine nature, and sanctuary to escape the bustle of modern life, and will carry with you when you return from Trabzon commemorative memorable image, image combines spiritual views from a Windows monastery Sumila, under the sky and night uzungöl inspiring, and the taste of honey in the rural villages of Rize lying peacefully.


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