How To Ship A Bike

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Shipping a bike does not have to present a dilemma if approached properly.

The bike needs to be disassembled

To those that enjoy the activity riding a bike can be an addictive need that must be fulfilled frequently, and when a move is imminent knowing how to ship a bike is a critical component of settling in comfortably. Because of their odd size and usual large shape shipping a bicycle in whole is a difficult and often expensive proposition. In addition to this the size of the shipping package for an assembled bike would probably be akin to shipping a small piano when the protective packing material is considered. The best way to ship a bike is to is to disassemble it and ship it in a well-protected package to prevent possible damage to delicate parts such as gears and wheel spokes. When you ship a bike in this manner it can be a real pain-in-the-neck, but at least you will be assured that your bike will arrive without damage.

The first step to ship a bike is to determine if you possess the required skill to disassemble the bike and then put it back together again correctly when you receive it. If not, a bike shop at home can disassemble the bike for you at a moderate charge and the bike can again be professionally reassembled once it reaches it's final destination. Although this may seem as an unnecessary expense it is a minor consideration when faced with the possibility of replacing some of the more delicate hardware on a bike that could be damaged easily during disassembling.

When the time comes to perform packaging to ship a bike there are several options available that work equally well. If your bike was disassembled by a bike shop simply let them package it for shipping. Bike shops are extremely proficient at shipping expensive bikes without issue, and odds are they will do a better job than most bike owners would. If you decide to ship a bike and package it yourself it is imperative that the container that is used be extremely sturdy to handle the trip and protect your investment. A cardboard box that is reinforced with a wood frame works well regardless of the mode of transport. Wrap the larger pieces of the bike such as the handle bars, seat and frame in Styrofoam sheeting and then secure it in place with masking tape. Wheel spokes should be protected by stuffing newspaper between them, and then each wheel wrapped with Styrofoam separately. Small parts can be placed in packing peanuts inside of a smaller box then inserted into the larger package, and small hardware can be placed inside of a plastic bag and then taped shut.

It is a good idea when shipping a bike to leave several inches of space between large bike parts in the package and stuff the gaps with newspaper. It is also to remember that accidents can occur, so be sure to take out any available insurance on your package when you ship a bike.


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author avatar Denise O
9th Dec 2010 (#)

I know some people might say, what is to shipping a bike but, I hear ya!
I have a friend that goes mountain biking and she has 1000's of dollars invested in that equipment.
Good tips.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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