How To Have The Time Of Your Life In Split

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This is a page on how to have a great time in Split. It is based on my experience.

Why Visit Split?

I always wanted to spend my vacation in a unique place. Considering that I don't have a lot of free time, I wanted to make every moment of my vacation count. And so I did. I spent my last vacation in Croatia, at the advice of an old friend. During this vacation, I visited the most important places of Croatia and tried to enjoy its beauty. However, I spent the most interesting days in Split, and I have to say that I didn't know many things about it, before I actually went there.

About Split

Split is the second largest city in Croatia and it has over 180,000 inhabitants. At first, I didn't plan to spend more than a couple of hours in Split, but as soon as I arrived there, I've changed my mind. The city is so wonderful and full of attractions, that you cannot just leave until you experience all of its natural and architectural wonders. I can say that my adventure in Split began when I firstly saw the Adriatic Sea, blending with the land. It was an amazing view and I will never forget it. But this city never ceases to amaze you, as I was about to find out.

What To Visit?

The first thing I visited in Split was the Old Town. The sight was simply breathtaking and I felt like I took a leap back in time. The endless walls and the imposing constructions were renovated and they looked like new. The most impressive construction in the Old Town was without any doubt, the Diocletian's Palace. Apparently, Diocletian was a Roman emperor, who simply fell in love with Split, once he saw its endless natural wonders. That's why, he decided to build a palace here. Another impressive building is the cathedral of Saint Dominus. It also has a unique architecture and it's the best preserved temple in the whole Europe.

Where To Stay In Split?

Because I spontaneously decided to remain in Split for more time, I didn't have a solution for the accommodation. That's why, I rented an apartment in Split, one of the many available. It looked like a decent solution at first, but it turned to be an amazing experience. The place was modernly furnished, and I could easily see the view of the whole city from the balcony. My favorite moment was the sunset, admiring how the sun was gently sinking in the Adriatic Sea.

Delicious Food In Split

I spent a couple of days in Split, and during this time I've spoiled myself and ate a lot of delicacies. Still, my favorite restaurant was located right on the seafront. They were serving some delicious seafood, and I enjoyed my meal while admiring the beauty of the city from one side, and the sea from the other. In my last day in Split I went to shopping. I spent hours in the city center and after that I went to the mall of Split, where I found some nice souvenirs.

Should You Go There Again?

I still think that I have a lot more to visit in Split, and I can't wait to return there as soon as I get another chance. The city is "addictive" and you simply can't get bored there. I recommend it to everyone, because it's an amazing experience. Split is a place that will make you feel like a totally different person and it will teach you to cherish the true joys of your life.


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