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How adventurous are you? Would you stay in a hotel in space?

Hotel In Space

"Lap of Luxury in Outer Space? Russians Plan Galactic Hotel by 2016"

Looking for the mother of all extreme vacations? Look no further. In just five years, you could be riding high — literally — in a Space hotel."

Okay ladies and gents ... are you ready !?!?!?!
I have had this conversation with my Chinese Students in topic discussion several times. I like to make them think about things their busy little minds rarely get to think about and then challenge them to express their thoughts to me in English after having them read the Article to me out loud.

"At £100,000 ($165,513.59) for five days plus £500,000 ($827,567.94) for the flight up, it will be costly. For nearly $1 million, this could be you:"
(ok, that's enough quoting)

Here is the Question I will pose to all of you... if you even had a spare 1 MILLION Dollars would you take this once in a lifetime Journey to space? Just think about it.. up there Orbiting the earth, looking out of your capsule window and seeing that big blue marble below in a way you have only ever seen in pictures. Would you do it? Ok... dont answer yet!

Do you remember the Space Shuttle flight in 1986? It was Space Shuttle Challenger and it exploded just a couple minutes after take off killing the entire crew (of course). Now I ask you again... would you take this once in a lifetime opportunity IF you had a million dollars? Yes or no and please state your reasons.



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author avatar jenny1015
29th Jul 2013 (#)

A million dollars for space vacation, well, I might pass on that. I'd rather spend my money here where I could but a lot with that amount of money than to take that risk. Yeah, Bipolar Blogger, you can now cal me CHICKEN! lol

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author avatar Evanxbls
29th Jul 2013 (#)

Nope. For one I would never have a spare million dollars, because that money would be working for me in investments and I would donate to as many charities as possible.

Blowing money like that is a shame when it could be used to improve someone's life. I guess it may not be considered blowing money to the person that is enjoying it, but I think it would be a very selfish move.

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author avatar redvakaurvaki
29th Jul 2013 (#)

I would say NO for this. Okay, it's really mind blowing vacation, but I'm sure my money will worth to do many things

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author avatar Mariah
30th Jul 2013 (#)

Wouldn't go for it either,
The only floating hotel I'd be in is a cruise ship..end of

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author avatar Bipolar Blogger
30th Jul 2013 (#)

lol Maria

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