Hope of a Wounded Nation

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I do believe, the land of my birth is worth hoping for. Like a prizefighter, trying to rise up from a fall caused by a heavy blow. I’ll stand up. I’ll not give up on her. I’ll do my share.

A Haven Worth Fighting For

Composed of seven thousand one hundred seven islands. A cradle of exotic cultures and ethnicity. With Indo-Malayan, Hispanic, Chinese, Japanese, and American influence. Diverse dialects, sumptuous dishes, treasured landscapes and people with warm genuine infectious smiles.
Quoted as the “Pearl Of the Orient Sea”, the colorful tropical setting of a populous republic divided by the islands of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. The Philippines gathers a virtual kaleidoscope of wildlife, people, places and things.
Located on the Pacific seas resides it’s world reknowned oceanic seabeds and coral reefs consists of vast array of marine life and sea creatures of different shapes and sizes. The unearthly deeps often explored by happy tourists and scuba enthusiasts from the other side of earth . To the white sandy beaches of Boracay and the cold, cozy climate of the Mountain Province. From the untamed urban Jungles of Manila, to the untouched rural civilization governed by indigenous tribesmen. The love of arts and music has been a second nature to the Filipinos.
Busy sidewalks congested with festive karaoke bars. And the rhythmic beats of disco pubs with ecstatic grinding bodies at the dancefloor. The overcrowded streets are filled with massive malls in every corner. Strolling along these enormous variety of malls has been a traditional pastime of the extravagant consumers, as well as the penniless window shoppers. It’s a nice and pleasant worry free place.
From the lush aromatic forests and greeneries of the province, to the animated life at the heart of the Capital City. A place that always seems to have a bright sunny day. But in any bright sunny skies do have a dark cloud. A dark cloud that manifest raging storms. Looking back, the historical milestones has it’s share of bitter rather than sweet memories. A nation full of smiles also do have a facade that frowns. A haven of joy and cheers also been a lonely place of famine, war, and natural disasters.
Tribulation has been the nation’s long time companion. Actually, an unwanted guest. Battle scarred with a blemished reputation consists of heinous crimes, terrorism, corruption and so on. The chaotic past led by the foreign invaders motivated by their intent to dominate and conquer the land which tainted horrific scenarios of war and terror. As people marching across the bloody fields, praying that no dreaded bombs will cross their paths. These series of lunatic events has orphaned countless youth.
The racial bullying caused men to be slain and women raped. Evil lurks as the black smoke has filled the air. The deliberate massacre to my motherland has left a deep scar from it’s monumental past. Today, a constant struggle is still here to stay. Extreme contrasts of lifestyles resonates the reflection of the society. From the abundant yet corrupt public officials, to the scarcity of the poor struggling for the daily search to bring food on their empty plates. The lack of opportunity is a sad reality. A very slim chance to land a decent occupation..
Hookers down the boulevard prospecting old promiscuous perverts. And pickpockets at the marketplace, gazing shoulder bags to slit it open with their butterfly daggers. Not because they want to, but they need to . Survival’s act of desperation. Like a bitter pill that is hard to swallow. Crime is the devil’s ultimate medium of expression. And the devil’s advocate, the sons of perdition. Are just roaming everywhere to spread diabolical activities, preying for their helpless victims. Drug trafficking, robberies, manslaughter, abduction, rape, carjacking to name a few. There’s also man-made faults such as environmental pollution and toxic hazards.
The pungent odor of rotten wastelands and muddy brown skies caused by smoke belching automotive and factories. Sewer like stench made by negligent waste disposals reflects the lack of discipline of an ill society. Calamity strikes more than a couple of times. Earthquakes, floods, typhoons, landslides isn't uncommon. The nation’s daily troubles and dilemma seems to be an endless unfortunate venture. The classic depiction of a third world nation isn’t paradise at all.
But is there still hope? The hope that one day all the sadness will turn to smiles? All the pains and heartaches will just fade like a bubble burst? All stains made in the past be washed and swept away?

As an old adage say, ” a pessimist sees a half-filled glass, half-empty, an optimist sees it half-full”. Regardless of how she appears. I’ll still love and accept her as my own. Like an abstract masterpiece, you can find beauty underneath its deep ugly scars. But I will not remain complacent nor stagnant to do my share. To make it a better place. To seek for the remedy rather than regret the past tragedies.


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6th Jul 2015 (#)

The greatest asset of your country is its hardworking people.
Your workers are renowned for their hardwork and sincerity and are hired all over the world. These workers send large remittances that bolster its economy. You have a good future.

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