Historical importance of Ahichatragarh Fort in Nagaur.

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The article speaks about the historical importance of Ahichatragarh Fort in Nagaur. It is around 130 kilometers away from Jodhpur in Rajasthan.

Ahichatragarh Fort.

Ahichatragarh Fort in Nagaur is an eminent fort. Ahhichatragarh or Fort of the Hooded Cobra was one of the first Muslim strongholds in northern India

Akbar and Shahjahan.

Mughal emperors Akbar and Shahjahan lived in Ahichatragarh Fort at different times of history. They defeated Rajput rulers to invade the Fort.

Sheesh Mahal.

There is an Akbari Sheesh Mahal in the Fort. The entire mahal was filled with glasses and that was the reason why it was called Sheesh Mahal.

Nagavanshi clan.

The Nagaur Fort or Ahichatragarh Fort in Nagaur was originally built by Nagavanshi clan. Later ghaznis rebuilt it with gardens in the 12th century.

Hadi Rani Mahal.

There is a beautiful Hadi Rani Mahal. One part of the fort was devoted to the stay of the different queens.

Dipak Mahal.

There is a beautiful Dipak Mahal. There places are created where lamps could be lit at night and it gave a beautiful appearance.

Fountains, gardens and pools.

The fountains, gardens and pools were well maintained in the 15th and 16th century. Presently they are in ruins.

Entry ticket.

There is entry ticket of Rs 30 per person. There is separate charges for using still camera and it is Rs 50 per camera. There are many peacocks in the Fort. They specially stay in the queens palaces.

Amar Singh Rathore.

One part of the fort is dedicated to Amar Singh Rathore who was a brave soldier. Shahjahan was impressed with his bravery.


Once Salawat Khan, Shahjahan's commander called Amar Singh Rathore a ganwar, or idiot. He came and killed Salawat Singh in front Shahjahan.


Mahabharata has reference of Ahichatragarh Fort. Arjuna captured it from Dhrupad and handed over the Fort to Dhronacharya.

Rana Kumbha.

Rana Kumbha of Mewar once invaded the Ahichatragarh Fort. He defeated Mujahid Khad who fled away from the place when Rana Kumbha invaded it.

Bhakat Singh palace.

One part of the Fort is devoted to Bhakat Singh. He ruled the area for some time and one palace is devoted to him.

Spooky feeling.

After sunset visitors have a spooky feeling inside the Fort. Wherever lotuses were planted presently holes are dug but flowers are missing. The Fort is getting dilapidated. People feel the kings and queens' souls are still present in the Fort.


Visitors who visit Nagaur should definitely visit Ahichatragarhfort also called the Fort of the Hooded Cobra, but they should visit it during the day till 5 pm.

Source of photos: The photos are taken from private camera of Dr Souvik Chatterji during visit to Nagaur in January, 2015.


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The Fort requires restoration. Between 12 noon to 1 pm there is lunch break.

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