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An introductory visitor's guide to Harper's Ferry, West Virginia

Stepping back in time...

Walking through Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia, visitors find themselves effortlessly transported back in time in an instant, and just as easily find themselves back in the present. Walking down the street toward the lower end of town, looking to the left, the architecture brazenly displays the look of 150 years ago. The sense that one has slipped back in time is reinforced as one sees the huge black locomotive off to the right. At the end of the street is the United States Armory, famous because of the attempt by abolitionist John Brown to seize it. Believing it to house 100,000 muskets and rifles, he hoped to begin an armed slave revolt. At a museum near the armory, Captain John H. Hall is introduced to the visitor, whose 1811 invention of the breach-loading rifle prompted the United States Army to adopt it for use and contract for 1,000 to be made immediately. Captain Hall’s manufacturing methods were so refined and precise that he is credited with making the first interchangeable weapons parts, leading the way for the mass-production concept in industry use today.
Strolling through the upper part of town, it is easy to admire the structure of one of the town’s older churches – and then marvel at the tombstones in the graveyard there, containing several graves of members of George Washington’s family. Still back in time, lunch at the Bisou Bistro, a 1790’s stone house, offering authentic New Orleans Cajun and French dishes.

Dining in Harper's Ferry

Speaking of lunch, when the hunger pangs hit, one of 17 restaurants await your arrival, many of them of 4 star status.There are many types of fare available, offering a diversity of options: pizza, barbeque, Italian, ice cream, seafood, or just a deli sandwich.

Through-hikers and the Appalachian Trail

While dining, it’s possible to see a through-hiker passing by, hiking poles in hand and sporting a back pack, intent on hiking the Appalachian Trail.The trail comes up from Virginia and Maryland, passing through Harper's Ferry. Follow the hiker and they will probably lead you to the Appalachian Trail Conservancy’s National Headquarters, which gets 25,000 visitors a year and welcomes the weary hiker to this “half-way” point on their journey. This is a welcome diversion from the monotony of hiking the trail.

Back in time, and return

. Slipping back in time, you can stand looking out over the Shenandoah River at the place where Thomas Jefferson stood, and see the rock that bears his name. So impressed was he with the view that he wrote, “this scene is worth a trip across the Atlantic.” From this vantage point, overlooking the river on a beautiful, warm sunny day, your attention is captured by the colorful mix of canoes, kayaks and rubber rafts coming down the river.

Still more ways to play and enjoy Harper's Ferry

But there are still more ways to play here. Biking, hiking, and zip-lining are just a few more of the warm weather options for those who have come to play.
Outdoor fun, gorgeous scenery, and history await those who venture to Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia. Don't miss this wonderful adventure if the opportunity comes your way!


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