Ghost Ranch New Mexico Vacation

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Our family had a great time taking our long trip to Ghost Ranch New Mexico and while there we all had a great time with many different activities. It is the one vacation I will remember for the rest of my life.

Ghost Ranch New Mexico Vacation

Years ago when I was 12 years old and my sister was 11 our family was picked to represent our church in Illinois at a place called Ghost Ranch New Mexico. We made our reservations and we were to arrive at a certain date and time. We decided to drive from Illinois to New Mexico, so we packed up the old green Ford, made sure the livestock and pets were taken care of and hired a young person to mow our yard while we were gone for those three weeks.
We left early one morning with a picnic basket and ice chest filled with food and drinks. We took many back roads and stayed at different motels along the way, met many wonderful people along the way. We stopped by fruit stands to buy more fruit and topped up our food and drinks at grocery stores along the way.
Finally we arrived at Ghost Ranch New Mexico and taken to our cabins where we were to stay. At that time there was only room for three to each cabin so they asked if I minded staying with a couple of girls next door to my parents and sister. I did not mind and I met a new friend who was close to my age.
My sister and I joined in the activities for the young people. We went hiking and our leader was great, he talked about the wildlife of New Mexico and how Ghost Ranch was started. One time we went out to hunt for Indian arrowheads and we were all just running around like chickens with our heads cut off and had no idea what we were suppose to be looking for. He stopped all of us and said that anything that was extra shiny from the sun was an arrowhead.. Once many of the young people heard this and saw all the shiny arrowheads they ran like mad to get to them. I was wondering where they thought the arrowheads were going to go.
During our free time we would swim in the swimming pool and I and several of our friends were doing flips into the swimming pool. The lifeguard who was concerned about our safety talked with me and asked me to let the other know that it was not safe to do the flips. He explained that our heads were only a few inches from the cement edge of the swimming pool. I conveyed the message to the others and all were fine with his judgement except for two girls who refused to stop doing flips into the swimming pool. Unfortunately the lifeguard had to speak very sternly to them and they were embarrassed, but at least they were safe.
One of the best activities we did was to camp out and prepared a meal over an open camp site. The food was delicious and the pans we used to cook with were absolutely huge. The next morning we cooked breakfast and came back to our cabins to clean up and get some rest, since most of us stayed up half the night telling ghost stories.
Later in the week we experienced our first sandstorm. My friend and I were in the cabin and we tried to go get a drink, but could not see in front of us, so we went back inside. No sooner did we get inside when there was a knock at the door and it was my sister who was scared and I brought her inside and had her lay down on my bed. We talked and said that it was just a sandstorm and it would stop very soon.
The week ended and it was time to get ready to head back to Illinois. As we packed things up we were still shaking sand out of our belongings from the sandstorm from a couple of days ago. We said our good byes, but I and the rest of my family had a great time at Ghost Ranch New Mexico.
We did not take our time getting back home, even though we had had a wonderful time we were ready to get back to the farm, but we would always have the wonderful memories of Ghost Ranch New Mexico.


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great piece Ellen...thank you...

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