Getting lost...... The Mahindra way

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A fun packed day with all the elements of a long awaited adventure holiday!!

Adventure and beauty.... what more can you ask for

There is a saying that often, man goes around the world looking for beauty but forgets to see the wonders that lie in his backyard. Beauty itself lies in the eyes of the beholder...... but we have to have the right opportunities thrown at us to be able to get an eyeful of the wonders that lie so close to us yet seem so far away. I had, my chance in the form of the Great Escape Mahindra rally, which opened my eyes to a whole new Goa, a Goa that is rarely seen in the tourist books, a Goa that is still virginal in its beauty, a Goa that is so beautiful...... that it renewed my faith in the saying that if there is a paradise on earth..... Then it sure is in Goa.

The rally is held every year, but, this was the first time I really got to be a true participant and join in the fun and the thrill of the adventure. I may have been only a backseat participant, but, the fear I experienced when our vehicle stopped midway in gushing water, and the joy I felt when we overcame every obstacle, and went dashing ahead to climb right up on the hilltop was very real!!

The day started off very early, as we had to be in time to finish up the registration procedure, and rent ourselves a good 4 wheel drive to use for the day. We were assigned a “Thar Jeep”, a rule book, a route guide book, and some refreshments. We were each given a T-Shirt too which brought about a feel of fellowship and belongingness, after all, its not everyone who can proudly say that they have been on the great escape rally!! Another high was during the flag off, we felt like the privileged few going off into space on a wild wild adventure. Since we were sixth in the queue, the crowd had already gathered around, and were cheering us on, which really send us off on a good note. The initial ride was on a familiar route, and since, I had done it many times before, it did not hold my attention much, but, when we went “off road”, Ohh!! that was when it finally set in.....our great adventure had just begun.

We were just getting used to the feeling of our bones clattering, and our teeth chattering, as we drove on untarred roads, that we hit onto our first huddle....Water under a bridge has a whole new meaning for me.... we had to drive through waist deep water under a railway bridge and the highlight!! If there were vehicles ahead of you they created a wave like effect which you had to avoid too!! We were initially very confident as our friend who was driving was known to be a good driver.... but even our confidence waxed a little bit, when our jeep stopped...... right in the middle of the tunnel!! We could see the water gushing in through the rear end, and we were screaming as we could see the vehicles behind us trying to move ahead too.... I’m sure all of us prayed a lot too as suddenly our jeep gave one of those spurts one sees in Bollywood movies and actually started moving ahead. Our cheers could be heard by all around us and we were finally through!! Others, though were not so lucky, and had to be towed back, some even had to leave the rally as their vehicles were damaged due to water clogging and were beyond repair.

We trudged on praising our friend for getting us through, and carried on yet, more rough terrain. The ride may be bumpy, but, it is like a feast for nature lovers, the sceneries that meet the eye, and the colours that hit your senses, are unforgettable. There are times, when you look back and just see forest areas, but yet are aware that just beyond those trees, are more vehicles, that are also following the same path you took. It is a feeling of being all alone, yet being with so many others at the same time. We had to cross through many more hurdles, but the most memorable one was, when we had to climb a hilltop, after crossing a mucky and slippery outback, which was also on a tilt. One of the vehicles, actually just missed falling on its side, and many others could not drive across, as either the vehicle was not geared up enough, or the driver was not confident of himself. One thing which was most noticeable beyond everything else, was the team spirit that had awoken in each and every one of us by then. Most of us, were strangers to each other at the beginning of this rally, but people who saw us cheering and offering support to the drivers attempting to cross this hurdle, would have thought that, we were the best of friends who really cared about each other. There was a bond that was created just for that short time that made us forget ourselves, and just allowed us to be normal human being with no prejudices, no religion, and no differences of stature......

The pleasure of seeing a slice of Goa so untouched, and so green, was well worth all the aches and pains that the ride itself caused. Tromping your way through the forest lands, and splashing through muddy waters, may seem a little far stretched in today’s world, but if that is the only way of experiencing stretches of fields laying around like a carpet of different shades of green, and looking up towards a sky that was so blue, that it put a lot of painters to shame, then it was all well worth the pain.

We came back tired, but ecstatic, that we were the few who had completed the trip, and were still in one piece. Ofcourse, we had aches and pains and the feeling of getting rattled about, and thrown around is still persistent ...... but if given a choice. I am happy to say, I would do this all over again, any time you say. Be warned, though that, this rally is not for the fainthearted, or the weak of body, as there are times when your strength is tested, and you have to be prepared for anything..... but if you crave for adventure, but cannot spare the time of going on a long holiday, just ask around about the next Great escape rally, and spend that single day in your life..... Just Getting Lost!!


One Day Adventure But Experience Of A Lifetime

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6th Sep 2011 (#)

This is great, I would love to see Goa.
Please read the notes I sent with the publication notice for this page as I offer some tips.

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