Get Around Bangkok with Ease and Avoiding Tourist Traps!

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This is a quick guide to getting around Bangkok quickly and easily and avoiding tourist traps that could cost you a lot.

Get Around Bangkok with Ease and Avoiding Tourist Traps!

Whether to get to work in the morning, go home in the evening or meet up with friends, how you get from A to B is often a problem. This is especially so in Thailand's capital, Bangkok. The roads are often blocked and traffic lights seem to favour red over green. Although the city has a reputation for dominated by traffic, getting around in Bangkok can be easier than it seems. Read on to find out how.

When possible, always try to use public transport over your own car, that is, if you have one. The public transport available is taxi, bus, tuk tuk, motobike taxi, BTS, and MRT. The fastest methods are always BTS, MRT and motobike taxi. The BTS is also known as the Skytrian. This is an elevated railway which covers much of the main parts of Bangkok, including most shopping centres. The MRT is the subway of Bangkok. This also covers many important areas, including shopping centres, temples, etc.. As there can't be traffic in the subway or the Skytrain, these are the best options. Both the trains of the MRT and the BTS arrive every few minutes. The BTS and MRT are also linked at several stations, meaning you can get out of the BTS, walk down a few stories and enter the MRT. For both systems, a wide range of tarifs are available, including one day passes and monthly or weekly passes.

When travelling to places not directly connected the either the BTS or the MRT, the motorbike taxi is always a good choice. These can be found all over the city and are best for short to medium distances. You could, for example, take a motorbike taxi from your apartment to the BTS or MRT station. Then take the train to the station closest the your destination and then hop onto another motobike. These are ideal for travelling inside the city as they get through traffic with ease and are very cheap. For a distance of about 1 kilometre, the price would be around 20 THB, which is around 0.45 Euros, 0.65 Dollars or 0.40 Pounds. The price is negotiated before travelling. Don't let them fool you! They often try to charge tourists 10 times more! However, one downside of the motorbike taxi are safety issues. Only really rarely you'll be offered a helmet and the roads of Thailand aren't the safest place either.

If it rains, or you plan tho travell longer distances which aren't covered by the trains, a taxi would be a good choice. These are also all over the city, so you can just catch one from the roadside. The good thing is that if there's traffic, you can just get out and hop on a motorbike taxi. Here you have to be careful as well, as they often try to avoid turning on the metre. If they tell you a fixed price when you go in, just say no and tell them to turn on the metre. This will often be around 3 times cheaper. And don't be surprised if you don't find seatbelts on the back seats, thats perfectly normal in Thailand.

The Tuk Tuk is more of a tourist attraction in Thailand than a mean of transport. These three wheeled vehicles are fun for short distances and also manage to avoid traffric, similarily to the motorbike taxi. However, they are expensive and will often not want to take you to your destination but take you on a trip around Bangkok instead - so make sure they clearly know what you want before you get on.

Finally, we have the bus. These are cheap, but slow and dirty. They always get stuck in traffic and move around the city as if in slow motion. However, busses are a good choice for long distances. If you want to travel to the north or south of Thailand, there are busses which can take you there quickly and easily.

In conclusion, the BTS, MRT, motorbike taxi and taxi are the best choices. For longer distances busses are god and for a little fun a Tuk Tuk is a good choice. Enjoy your holiday and travel safely!

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