Flying Without Carry Baggage

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Moreover, fly without carrying luggage, actually gives a lot of advantages. Besides saving money, the smaller the risk of loss of goods, and outings you become easier and exciting.

It is impossible ?

Traveling abroad, without carrying luggage? Who says it is impossible, in fact, many people have already done so. It is not a day longer, traveling while carrying a lot of luggage and bags. If you know how, traveling with luggage that is concise, not a difficult thing to do. Not only an experienced backpacker, who can pitch anywhere, just with a small backpack. Everyone can basically apply the principles of brief pack. Moreover, fly without carrying luggage, actually gives a lot of advantages. Besides saving money, the smaller the risk of loss of goods, and outings you become easier and exciting. As you know, budget airlines, baggage charge, which is quite large. If the cost of the trunk can be pruned, to be sure you can save a lot of money. Besides being more economical, just bring a hand-carry luggage, as well as minimize the risk of loss. Luggage is always with you, so you are easier to watch. If you need anything, you are also quite grab bag, then just take the items needed. Fly without luggage really practical, and do not bother. Another advantage, you can be free from the baggage claim queue, which are often very long. For information, generally maximum weight of goods, which should be brought into the aircraft cabin, is seven pounds (see terms and conditions of the tickets you buy). Well, then how, so that our luggage be lightweight, so it can be carried into the aircraft cabin? Consider the following tips.

Choose a medium-sized soft bag.
Avoid carrying a suitcase on wheels because this innate, yet filled with just enough weight. To be lighter, just take a backpack, or purse that is medium-sized. Do not choose a backpack, purse or large because it will tempt you, to include items that are not needed. As I realized there is still space in the bag, we always tend to fill it. If this is followed, your luggage can be very heavy.

Prioritizing usability rather than fashion
Decorations that are accessories, such as vests, scarves, hats whose function is only to be stylish, and no other significant decoration, should removed your luggage from the list.

Leave items that are easily obtainable
Another way to cut the amount of luggage, is to leave the items are easily available at the destination location. For example, food, towels, flip-flops, as well as body care products are easily purchased.

Take advantage of the pockets of clothing
The only objects that do not participate are weighed passenger's body. But, their exceptions, when the small plane, which flies pioneer. Commercial flights will not be questioned, if your body is very fat, so they can add to the burden of aircraft. Your body does not come weighed, maximize the goods that can be attached to the body, so there were also weighed.

Separate liquid
Upon check-in at the airport, officers often asked if we carry liquid in the bag, which will be taken into the aircraft cabin. Actually there was a problem, bring liquids, origin per bottle sizes of less than 100 milliliter (total liquids are brought up to one liter).

Take advantage of the laundry services
Traveling in a long time, does not mean to bring a lot of clothes. If you are traveling to Asian countries, there are a lot of clothes washing services at a cheap rate. You can also wash your own clothes.

Weigh luggage
After the luggage is packed, do not forget to make sure were weighed before weighing. Do not just guess because it could be you one appraiser. Budget airlines to apply very strict rules, about the weight of luggage. Despite the advantages of only 500 grams, you are still required to pay baggage fees.


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