Floating Houses in South Kalimantan

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If you have time and want a unique holiday, maybe you can spend your time to South Kalimantan in order to see people's houses there. Because of its natural condition, South Kalimantan people build their houses floated


South Kalimantan is one of Indonesia's provinces and it is located in southern of Kalimantan island. Indonesian people always name it "the Land of a Thousand Rivers". It is. South Kalimantan has thousands of rivers and swamp areas. Years ago, when Indonesia was occupied by Dutches, arrested Indonesians were sent to this land. They had to survive from the wilderness of the land. One of the arrested Indonesian is my great grand father. He was an Indonesian army under Diponegoro prince (1825 - 1830). I shall not talk about a history, but it gives us a picture of South Kalimantan nature. We, then, will understand why do South Kalimantan's houses float on the water.

If you come to Banjarmasin by, as the capital of South Kalimantan province, by airplane, you will not find these floating houses around the airport because the airport is in Banjarbaru district not too far from Banjarmasin. You must go by taxi to Banjarmasin city itself or to Kandangan district. So, you will find this kind of houses.

How people build the houses?
South Kalimantan traditional houses are made of iron woods. The shape is long with several windows and no glasses. Usually, a big family lives in one house consisted of father, mother, children, son / daughter in laws, grand father / mother, etc. There are rooms which are partitioned off. But now, it is changes slowly, one house for one family only.

In Banjarmasin, as there are swamp areas in it, people built their wooden houses by using supported wooden pillars under the houses. The supported pillars are tied each other using rattan ropes.

But in Kandangan district, you can find the real floating houses. the houses floats on the top of the river. Usually, people make raft (bamboo or wooden floor) under their houses. The floating houses shake whenever waves come. The unique is, people can sleep, cook and eat in those floating houses. These people, who live in floating houses, will go to other places using small boats as their transportation tools. However, along with modernization era, there are also modern streets with cars and other vehicles. But, still, villagers prefer to go by small boats better than modern vehicles. Modern houses are many, but traditional floating houses are still there.

If you have time and want a unique holiday, maybe you must spend your time to this kind of place. Or, maybe you want to spend your time for living in those floating houses?


Unique Style Of Houses

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