Fascinating Spice Jet journey from Chennai to Colombo.

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The article speaks about fascinating Airlines Journey in Spice Jet flight from Chennai in India to Colombo in Sri Lanka. Visitors enjoy the journey.

Spice Jet journey.

The Spice Jet Journey in Spice Jet flight from Chennai via Kamraj International Airport to Colombo via Bandarnayeke and Katunayeke Airport is fascinating.

Kamraj Airport.

The Kamraj International Airport in Chennai is a fascinating airport. There is a beautiful hill in the vicinity which can be visible from entrance of Airport.

Sitting Lounge.

The waiting lounge in Kamraj International Airport is beautiful. The visitors can buy snacks and be comfortable in the seats.

Kamraj International Airport.

There is beautiful art work in Kamraj International Airport. The visitors are impressed with the art work in the walls.

Source of images: "The images are taken from private camera of Dr Souvik Chatterji during a visit to Sri Lanka in December 2014."


If the visitors want they can have snacks in the waiting lounge. Different types of food items including pattis, rolls are found in Kamraj International Airport.


Generally after the security check is done, passengers are required to sit in the visitors lounge till the gates are opened. They can watch TV in that lounge.

Spice Jet.

The Spice Jet flight is red in colour. At the tail of the flight beautiful red spots are there which make it look beautiful.

Flights at night.

Generally the international flights from Chennai to Colombo are scheduled at late night hours. They are scheduled after 12 pm.


The seats in the Spice Jet flight are very comfortable. They are grey in colour and the seats are spacious.

No TV.

There are no TVs in Spice Jet flights. But due to the beautiful scenery outside the window of the flight, the passengers never feel that there is no TV.


Spice Jet flies across Bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean when coming from Chennai and reaching Colombo in Sri Lanka.


The scenery of the Spice Jet International Flight window is beautiful. The clouds look like waves in the ocean.


Food in Spice Jet flight is not complimentary. Food is supposed to be bought. Visitors can have snacks like chicken tikka, etc.


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Visitors should use the services of Spice Jet from Chennai to Colombo.

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Nice documentation and nice family...

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Thanks Saigonji for appreciating the article.

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