Family Vacation in Spain: Exciting Travel Destination

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Spain is a wonderful destination for tourists who want to spend a great summer. The food is good and so is the wine. If you spend some time arranging your itinerary you can see some great places and do some fantastic things.

Time for your family vacation

Planning an exotic family vacation is lots of fun. So, where do we go? Spain, yes it is renowned for it disarming attitude to rigid schedules. Full nightlife vibrant with variety with splendid food to boot, Spain offers tourists more than they plan for during their annual holiday trip.

Learn about Spanish traditions

Spain has strong cultural roots in addition to spectacular beaches ideal for vacationing with the family during summer time. It shares borders with France, Portugal and Andorra. Located on the Iberian Peninsula along with Portugal, it is resplendent with festivities and places to visit. Most famous of all, Running of the Bulls is a spectacle people of all ages will enjoy.

In actuality, there is more to Spain than just sandy beaches and warm waters. It has deserts, marshes and mountains too along with winter special tourist places such as Alhambra. In what people refer to as Green Spain (consisting of Asturias, Vasque, Cantabria and Galicia), one can find mountains coming down to meet the sea. This area has some cozy cottages and vineyards. You will find the seafood magnificent. Tourists should also consider carrying travel apps that can help simplify the whole trip.

Check out Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao

One of the greatest galleries in the world, Guggenheim Museum was designed by Frank Gehry provides visitors with a great treat for the senses. The architecture adds more intoxication. There are restaurants where you can experience fine dining. The Guggenheim Bilbao Collection best represents Basque art. It has works by artists such as Eduardo Chillida and Cristina Iglesias.

Visit Sistine Chapel of Spain

Adjoining the Basilica of San Isidoro is the Royal Pantheon, the resting place of the kings of Spain. It has frescoes depicting scenes from Bible. It witnesses thousands of visitors every year. In the interiors, you will find marble coffins with candles lit at periodic intervals. In the church adjoining this Royal Pantheon, one will find services, which monarchs could watch through sliding panels.

Indulge in some winetasting in La Rioja

During fall, you have the best wines in La Rioja. The wine is cheap, it is of high quality and it is available in plenty. You have winery at every street corner and so you can select at will and the best place is Logrono. It is the capital of La Rioja and is as famed for its cuisine as for its gastronomy.

Check out St. James Cathedral

Famed pilgrimage route in Europe, the Camino de Santiago, represents a milestone for people the world over. Walking in the streets all the way from the French border will take time well over a month. Pilgrims often walk one portion of the distance and then cover the rest by vehicle.

Northern Spain with its collection of monasteries, cathedrals, mountains, wine and fine food is ideal destination for those who love to see something good while eating something good. Fine seafood will enlighten your gastronomic senses, you can visit National Parks, Natural parks, and then you get to see thousand-year-old forests in there. Remember to time your trip well carry your video cameras upload photographs of your trip online. Tourist family vacations to Spain are wonderful and one must record them so that people can see it over the Internet.

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