Explore Sal-ar de Uyuni in Bolivia for void and nothingness.

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A 4,000-square-mile salt plane in the Bolivian altiplano is one of the planet's few candid void's. It attracts a tourist by its emptiness.
You will enjoy catching breath at 12, 000 ft above sea level.

A journey to an alien white salty plane.

Let me take you to a place which attracts people with its emptiness and nothingness.
The travel agencies will arrange for your travel to this alien white salty plane.
It is Sal-ar de Uyuni ,the globe`s largest salty plane in Bolivia .
A 4,000-square-mile salt plane in the Bolivian altiplano is one of the planet's few candid void's It attracts a tourist by its emptiness.
You will enjoy catching breath at 12, 000 ft above sea level.
It is a high altitude place with no air. Even a short walk makes you breathless.
To enjoy this novel experience you have to cross this huge white space.
That involves a four-day off-road trip from the town of Uyuni to the Chilean border.
There are no roads but shallow tracks made of salt.
Old trucks move on just narrow tire- trails that look like the grooves of an ice floor.
Traveling in small groups with a local driver is the only option.
In Bolivia, Sal-ar de uyuni, you can find professional and trained drivers for this shallow track travel
You can hire a room in a lonely little place built with salt bricks called Hotel Playa Blanca. Even if the sun is too hot but salt bricks stay cool. The benches are, also, made of salt bricks. Everywhere you will find white salt floors.
It is a long drive to the Centre of the salt lake in tough old trucks. But the staff of bolive, Sal-ar de uyuni, travel will provide you with all the facilities
In such a remote area you cannot conceive of modern technology.
Along the edge of the pure white lake is the amazing altiplano. It has beautiful muti-colored ravines. The high peaks of volcanoes present an everlasting feeling of colors.
You can halt during the day at red, green and even blue lakes, and beside upended stones carved by the wind and meteorological conditions.
You can meet the descendants of Pre-Inca Tiwanaku civilizations there.
 Pre-Inca Tiwanaku people used to cross the Sal-ar de Uyuni  by foot.
You will be surprised to find several Vicachas , kind of chinchilla, and flocks of flamingos pink against the white salt in this big void and airless habitat.
They feed on small brine shrimps in these red lakes.
Then, the mesmerizing Isla Del Pescado or Fish Island (for its fin-like shape) is, really, worth seeing. It is a small hill covered with a giant cactus.
From above you could see only endless white all the way to the skyline like a picture from some horror movie about endless empty space.
You will find a dinosaur bone or a "giant tiger" from the last Ice Age in their local language.
Watch out nights come suddenly at this high altitude.
Hire a room in makeshift hotels or pastoral farmhouses or private residences converted into tourist accommodation. They provide foods like beef, chicken and sinewy llama roast with harsh aguardiente to drink.
You will definitely enjoy the fresh, thin, pure, clean air of this white void.
The Sal-ar de Uyuni in Bolivia is as even as Earth's arch and from space it looks like a brilliant white milky way.
It looks like a mirror facing sky after a winter rain shower.
It is the place to find the peace and the strangeness of life.
You may get hooked by the nothingness of this white great empty space


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