Exciting Places to Visit on Your Family Vacation: Jaipur India

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Jaipur remains enticingly different because of rich cultural heritage. The unique architectural style of the city along with its various historical monuments make it refreshingly different. It is a tourist attraction for all these reasons and more.

Introduction to this article series

This consists of a series of articles on places to visit in India. Here is the first portion of the string of articles.

Some places in India easily qualify for the best tourist destinations on earth. Land of the tiger, it has lofty mountain ranges and many rivers. The cuisine is exquisite and one can experience Indian Curry famous all over the world for its spicy and aromatic nature. Here is the first in the series of articles that tells you how to plan a trip to India.

Get out your vacation bags

Everyone looks forward to vacation time, especially the little ones, who want to take on more excitement and thrills. India is a land of extremes both politically as well as geographically. There are deserts and plains on one side while there are mountains on the other. A properly planned family vacation can enlighten your lives. Spend some time to check out these exotic destinations before you pack for your family holiday.


Many reasons exist for Jaipur to rank among most exotic places in the world. The first will be evident as soon as you set your eyes on it, for the city construction is out of pink sandstone. The city shows its pink side everywhere you turn.

Apart from the pink architecture, there is another noticeable feature that tourists will see. This amazing tourist destination has astonishingly symmetrical streets. The broad streets divide the city area into six segments. In the palace segment, you see the complex known as Hawa Mahal adjoining a small lake and formal gardens. The residence of the founder of this Pink City Jaipur, Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II lies atop the hill.

Jantar Mantar is an observatory established during ancient times and finds a place in the World Heritage Sites. Agra, Delhi and Jaipur form the Golden Triangle in tourist circles.

City Planning and Architecture

The city architects designed the layout of the streets based on Vedic calculations. We call this kind of proportioning as Vastu Shastra. Streets point in the four directions and they named the eastern gate Suraj gate (for sun) and the western gate Chand gate (for moon). The North gate faced Amber, the ancestral capital.

Places of interest for tourists

A. Temples
a. Galtaji: Khania-Balaji town has this Hindu pilgrimage site sacred to Vaishnavite-Ramnandi sect of ascetics since the 15 century AD. This temple site is located within the mountain pass of the Aravalli Hills, has springs, and pools in two tiers. Pilgrims use it for bathing. Outstanding features of this temple are its painted walls and pavilions having carved pillars and rounded roofs.
b. Kanak Vrindavan: The walls of the Govind Deoji temple has jail work with mirrors and is decorated with chhatris. Inside you have the beautiful garden divided into eight sections. Alongside trees and lawns, one can find fountains. Tourists can get a good view of Jaipur city and its attractions such as Nahargarh fort, Amer fort and Jai Mahal.

B. Monuments and Forts
a. Nahargarh fort: Fringing the Aravalli range, this fort looks down on the city and used to be the stronghold of defense in the olden days. It formed the defensive circle along with Amber fort and Jaigarh fort. This fort never saw any attacks but played a part in historical events like signing of treaties with Maratha forces.
b. Albert Hall Museum: This state museum of Jaipur lies in the Ram Niwas Gardens and represents a good example of the Indo Saracen architecture. You can find a wide range of artifacts made of stone, metal, and ivory, items like carpets and sculptures, paintings and crystal work.
C. Gardens
i. Jawahar Circle Gardens: This is the biggest circular garden in Asia. It is a traffic circle garden and has rose gardens in its outer fringe. Musical fountains and jogging tracks along with latest play equipment make this garden very much sought after by people. Diameter of the circle is 452 m
ii. Ram Niwas Garden: Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh of Jaipur built this in 1868. It covers 33 acres has an art gallery, zoo, exhibition ground, theater and bird park.

It is time to bid adieu

Nothing lasts forever and now that you have seen the beauty that is India, you will take those memories back with you. The wise tourists will have their cameras loaded with photographs of precious moments and places. He or she will also have with them the correct travel apps to help them along their trip. Upload them to the Internet so that your friends can download them or share them on media apps like Facebook or Skype. Life is the best game there is and if you share those significant seconds of your time you spent in Jaipur, it is a lovely feeling. Your family vacation is rich and you have achieved a brief spell of heaven.

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