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Turkey is an interesting place to visit. It has several sites of historical value and several having cultural significance. Museums, palaces and churches abound in this town. It is a good place for your family vacation.

Best travel destination for vacationers

Well, it is time to pack your bags on your annual vacation trip and this time you want to go to some unique exciting spot for tourists who like something extra. Turkey is an ideal tourist destination, with an enchanting mix of cultural uniqueness mingled with architectural and historical splendor. Plan this Turkey vacation well and get to see wonderful towns and beaches.

Reaching Turkey and travel information

Most important towns in Turkey are Istanbul, Canakkale, Dalyan, Fetiye, Bodrum, Cappadocia, Kalkan, Cesme, Datca, and Izmir. You can reach Turkey by flying into Istanbul’s International Airport and taking a bus to Taksim, Sultanahmet or Aksary. Bus travel will cost you around $4 – $5 while taxis will cost around $12 – $15. Backpackers can get one open ticket for bus travel that allows them to hop-on and hop-off at any place along their route. Buses are comfortable and most suitable for overnight travel. The ticket costs around $1.75 – $ 2.25 for one-hour travel.

Must see spots for travellers and things to do for tourists

1) Istanbul
a. Basilica Cistern or Sunken Palace: Marvelous piece of architecture, this large cistern is a water storage facility built during ancient times. It is near Blue Mosque.
b. Sakip Sabanci Museum: Include this as a stop over on your Bosporus boat ride; it is a world-class museum.
c. Kariye Museum: This Byzantine church ( Chora Church) is in Erdinekapi district. Later it became a mosque in 1948
2) Bodrum
a. Castle of St. Peter: Built by knights of St. John in 15th century, this building dominates the landscape in Bodrum. There is plenty to see inside the castle.
b. Bitez Beach: Good way to spend your afternoon sunbathing, the sands are rough and pebbly.
c. Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archeology: You will find this inside St.Peter’s Castle. It has interesting artifacts and trivia collected from shipwrecks.
3) Selcuk
a. Ancient City of Ephesus: Largest ruins on display in Turkey, authorities have restored most of it. Do not miss Hadrian’s Gate or Celsus Library.
b. The Basilica of Saint John: Burial place of St. John the Divine, they built it in the 4th century. It resembles a cross in structure and has six domes.
c. Terrace houses: Luxurious houses on the slopes of Bulbul Mountain, they were the dwelling place of Ephesians who were affluent.
4) Izmir
a. Efes Antique city: Great city of ruins, biggest after Rome or Pompeii, worth visiting and worth hiring a guide.
b. Izmir Wild Life Park: Great place for trekking and watching wild animals.
c. Havra Sokagi or Synagogue street: Street meant mostly for shoppers, it has several synagogues. It is worth knowing how ancient Jews came from Spain and settled here.

Geography and landscape one will see

Turkey is an exotic travel destination for tourists with a landscape dotted with minarets and domes. Its coastline is rugged and steep with craggy cliffs at some points while it is smooth and white with sandy beaches at other places. Tourists to central parts of Turkey will see wide steppes while those visiting the southern or eastern coast will witness Roman ruins. The highest point is mount Ararat at 5,165 m. Mount Ararat is of great historical significance since it is here that the Ark that Noah built came to rest. Snowy mountains form a border along its eastern region.

Good place for your family vacation

Turkey is great for those who love water and ancient culture. Arrange a good tour guide and enjoy your stay in Turkey. Pack up your bags Turkey waits.

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Fascinating. I would love to visit Turkey.

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