Exciting Encounter at Genting Highlands

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Do you love rides? Do you love to play casino? if answer to these questions is yes then you would definitely love to visit Genting Highlands ! Yes you are right…. Genting Highlands is place to enjoy lots and lots of ride and a place where you can play casinos.

Rides and Casions

Now imagine yourself enjoying rides and playing casinos at a location which is a hill station. Yes you are right Genting Highlands is located on a mountain peak !

So get ready to enjoy rides, playing casinos in the midst of beautiful mountains

Reaching Genting Highlands

Now you would be wondering there is so much to enjoy there, then how to reach there ?? That’s simple, I would tell you how we had gone there… Book a flight from Mumbai to Kuala Lumpur (We had preferred Malaysian Airlines). On reaching the city of Kuala Lumpur, you can directly take a cab or book any private vehicle or a bus through a local travel agent or through an Indian travel agent. We had taken a private car from Kuala Lumpur to Genting Highlands through an Indian travel agent. The travel time would be less than a hour and you would reach the “Las Vegas of Malaysia”. You can book any hotel, there are plenty of options available such as First World Hotel, Genting Hotel, Highlands Hotel, Resort Hotel, Theme Park Hotel etc.

Theme Parks

Once you reach Genting Highlands, you have three different types of theme parks to enjoy.

• Outdoor Theme Park
• Indoor Theme Park
• Water Park

Outdoor Theme Park consists of plenty of rides such as pirate ship, spinner, flying dragon, flying coaster, carting, bumper boat, mini train, pirate train and so many of them… The outdoor Theme Park also has small games that we used to play in Melas in our child hood like shooting the ballon and for the ice cream lovers, there are lot of good ice cream parlour out there ! There is also London Bus model there, phone booth models, where you can take your pics with those models. Outdoor Theme Park was very exciting … but we had not got time to visit the water park because we had gone only for 2 days… I recommend to stay there for atleast 3 days …

Indoor Theme Park consists of other games and casinos … for coffee lovers there is the famour American Star Bucks coffee shop out there and there are models of the statute of liberty, Eiffel Tower etc…you can take your pics with them.

So I m sure after reading this Article would definitely visit the “City of Entertainment of Malaysia” atleast once…

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