Escape from the Amazon

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Four young men went into the jungle on the adventure of a lifetime. Not all of them would come out alive…

The rainforest adventure

The Amazon Rainforest is roughly the size of Europe or Australia. It is the home of more than half the plant and animal species known to man, many of which are lethal. In 1981 three friends went backpacking in a remote are of Bolivia: Yossi (22) and his two friends Kevin (29) and Marcus (29). They hired an experienced guide, an Austrian called Karl, who promised that he could take them deep into the rainforest to an undiscovered indigenous village. Then they would raft nearly 200 kilometres down river before flying to the capital, La Paz. Karl said that the journey to the village would take them seven or eight days. Before they entered the jungle, the three friends made a promise that they would “go in together and come out together”.

They had lost

The four men set off from the town of Apolo and soon they had left civilization far behind. But after walking for more than a week there was no sign of the village and tensions began to appear. The three friends began to suspect that Karl, the guide, didn’t really know where the indigenous village was. Yossi and Kevin began to get fed up with their friend Marcus because he was complaining about everything, especially his feet, which had become infected and were hurting.

Two ways of escape

Eventually they decided to abandon the search for the village and just to hike back to Apolo, the way they had come. But Kevin was furious because he thought that it was Marcus’ fault that they had had to cut short their adventure. So he decided that he would raft down the river, and he asked Yossi to join him – he didn’t want Marcus to come with them. Karl and Marcus agreed to go back to Apolo on foot. The three friends agreed to meet in a hotel in La Pan in a week’s time. Early next morning the two pairs of travellers said goodbye and set off on their different journeys. Fortunately their journey had finished successfully, they met in La Paz. But they decided if they go another tour to rainforests they hired more experienced guides.



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