Elephant and Giraffe safaris in Tanzania. Enjoy wildlife of East Africa with Altezza's guides

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Unforgettable experience in the heart of Africa. Tanzania’s nature and wildlife await you. Enjoy your time in the wonderful safari watching the beauty of Lake Manyara, Serengeti, Tarangire National Park and the breathtaking Ngorongoro Crater. Have a memorable adventure with Altezza Travel!

Elephant Safari in East Africa, Tanzania

Tanzania is rich with the highest herd of elephants in the world. And the largest population in Tanzania is in its South. The great river of Ruaha protects and nourishes evergreen forests and sloughs, this natural environment lends credence to the large number of elephants in that area. With Altezza Travel you will enjoy the African elephant safari and witness their interesting life

Special Elephant Safaris with Altezza Travel

An African elephant is known to mankind since ancient times. Despite its huge size, this African giant is easily tamed and has high intelligence. Tanzania’s national Parks - Serengeti and Tarangire - are famous for the richest animal world, including these mighty animals.

During your safari holidays in Tanzania, our experienced guides will lead you to the interesting places and environment where the elephants live. You will witness an enormous number of the amazing giants, and our specialists will explain their way of life and habitude.

Giraffe Safari Trips in Tanzania

A safari in Tanzania is the preferred choice for tourism in the heartland of Tanzania, imbued with exotic wildlife species. The beauty of Serengeti, one of the amazing places on earth to observe animals like lions, cheetahs, giraffes and others in the wild. Tarangire, one of the most visited and renowned nature reserves in Tanzania.

Original Giraffe Safari Trips in Tanzania

Tanzania presents the biggest livestock of giraffes all around the world. As one of the bright symbols of Tanzania, giraffe is a unique animal and occupies a special place in the fauna of the country. You can observe the impressive migration of giraffes in the savannas of Serengeti, they draw the attention of the excited tourists demonstrating their magnificence.

Our Tanzania giraffe safari trips are organized in such a manner that you can broadly observe their life. Our professional wildlife guides are there to tell you all about the habits and lifestyle of giraffes, and guide to the places where they live!



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